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Sitting in a quiet bar overlooking the dazzling vista of Iguazu Falls, I can hardly imagine a more refreshing drink than a Brazilian caipirinha. Simply mash small chunks of lime and sugar together in a glass. Add lots of ice and a special distilled sugar-cane alcohol called cachaça and the drink is complete. The same drink is also made using other tangy fruits including lemons and passionfruit.The ....Continue Reading >>
Valencia and eastern Spain is famous for a traditional sweet milky drink called Horchata (or orxata de xufa in the local Catalan language). Originally introduced by the Moors around 1000 years ago, the drink is so popular that horchaterias, a kind of cafe, are in several of the Valencian towns.Made from tigernuts (the tuberous roots of a kind of grass) mixed with water and sugar, and served icy cold, ....Continue Reading >>
Again a product of an age-old family recipe, Bibicaffe is one of the more unusual soda drinks I have ever tasted. Bibicaffe is a bottled, mildly carbonated coffee drink - a sparkling espresso. While a fraction sweet to me (though at least it is real cane sugar), Bibicaffe has subtle flavours of caramel and vanilla woven into a strong coffee flavour, presenting one of the most unusual drinks I've ....Continue Reading >>
For most visitors to Munich, a trip is not complete without a visit to the world-famous Hofbräuhaus and a Maß of Hofbräu. While it has a mild reputation as a place full of young drunk backpackers, I discovered very little of that. However, the beer hall is extremely Germanic. An ompah band replete with players in leather shorts and feathered felt hats pumps out their traditional brass band German ....Continue Reading >>
guest drink around the world article by Hotel Chocolat, which I can recommend for their superb chocolates.The ancient university city of Cambridge lies fifty miles northeast of London, surrounded by the low-lying farmland of East Anglia. It’s small and picturesque car-free city centre – where cafes and shops sit amongst ancient university buildings and narrow cobbled lanes – is perfect ....Continue Reading >>
Some years ago, I received a strong recommendation to try a kriek - "it is unlike any beer you will have ever tasted". And boy, were they correct.Kriek is a sour-cherry flavoured beer, brewed in a special manner called lambic. A typical mix of wheat, hops, water and malt is exposed to wild yeasts and bacteria (sounds almost medicinal), fermented rapidly, with sour cherries added after the fermentation.Opening ....Continue Reading >>
Many years ago, I spent a year travelling through Africa overland starting in Morocco and ending in Zimbabwe. One of the most remarkable aspects of Africa was the broad variety of local drinks created, brewed, cooked and mixed.In a number of small towns in Nigeria, a refreshing drink called zobo was offered to visitors or available in the market. The rich red beverage is created by adding a generous ....Continue Reading >>
I have only been to India once but my endearing memory is of the superb and varied masala chais served throughout the country. Whether sold by a jaunty chai wallah (someone who serves or sells tea) at a railway station or sold from a rickety stall, heated on charcoal stoves and poured into a clay cup for a few rupees, the sweetened and strongly spiced brew acts as an uplifting instant refresher. I ....Continue Reading >>
Seeing the midnight sun seemed a forlorn hope. The clouds appeared entrenched across the bright evening sky, a reminder that Narvik doesn't see the sun set for almost two months in summer. I settled into a quiet bar for an evening drink to see if the cloud might lift and allow the sun to peek through at midnight. What could be more appropriate than a bottle of Mack Pilsner, brewed in nearby Tromso, ....Continue Reading >>
With a friend working in the Australian Embassy in Hanoi, I travelled to Vietnam in the very early 1990s - well before there was any semblance of a tourism structure. It was difficult to get around the country at all and to visit any sights outside of the major cities. Despite that, it was one of my finest travel experiences with incredible expressions of generosity and friendship.Saying all that, ....Continue Reading >>
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