With a backdrop of centuries-old walls and only a block from the stunning Karnak Temple, a watermelon salesman tries to sell his stock of watermelons before the heat of the midday sun empties the streets. The Egyptian streets were filled with wonderful seasonal fruits and spices grown on the banks of the life-giving Nile.Luxor Vacations ....Continue Reading >>
guest post by Red Sea HolidaysEgypt is home to many ancient splendours and modern attractions, making the country a favourite Middle Eastern holiday destinations. And why not? Situated between the Mediterranean Basin and the Red Sea, Egypt has a great range of tempting locations in which to stay for a short break or for a long holiday – the choice is up to you. And if Egypt’s the destination, make ....Continue Reading >>
The people-driven winds of change blow through Egypt and its Middle Eastern and North African neighbours will hopefully lead to improved leadership across the region. It is difficult to imagine what the average person on the street must be thinking in a country that has been characterised by submission to a ruler since the times of the pharoahs (how else would these remarkable temples such as the pictured ....Continue Reading >>
Written by Travel Wonders and sponsored by, providers of Egypt holidays and holiday dreams around the world.Around 40 kilometres south of Cairo lays Egypt’s first great pyramid – one of history’s most enduring ancient symbols. While the pyramid is the centrepiece of any funerary complex for an Egyptian pharaoh, a number of other buildings are built to support the pharaoh’s ....Continue Reading >>
Even as a child, I recall learning of the huge importance of the Nile flood plain to the ancient Egyptians as their source of crops. Twisting its way through the Sahara Desert, the Nile was the lifeblood of Egypt throughout the ages.This hazy photo snapped from a plane flying to Luxor shows the sharp contrast between the rich, fertile soils of the Nile and the arid sands of the Egyptian desert. Every ....Continue Reading >>
With scant and imprecise records, it remains somewhat of a mystery as to how developed in the science of medicine and health some of the advanced ancient civilizations were around the world. One such mystery lies in the elegant travel wonder, the Temple of Kom Ombo, built on a bend in the Nile just over two thousand years ago.Most visitors to Egypt split their time between the seething pandemonium ....Continue Reading >>

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