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by Central London ApartmentsThere’s a definite feel-good factor in and around London in 2012 as the countdown continues to this summer’s Olympic and Paralympic Games, prompting many tourists to head to England’s capital city for a spot of sightseeing and to soak up the culture.London EyeDid you know that the most popular paid-for attraction in the UK is the London Eye? Why? Well, ....Continue Reading >>
Hand-painted on calfskin vellum, the Hereford Mappa Mundi is the world's largest medieval map. Created in the very late 1200s the map has spent its entire life in Hereford Cathedral surviving fire, flood, theft, various battles and world wars to present to today's visitors a mesmerising detail of the world as it was understood at the time.Measuring around 1.6 x 1.3 metres, the cloth of the world is ....Continue Reading >>
by David Collins Each year, cities in the UK play host to continental markets, bringing with them delicious food, warming drinks and a whole host of gifts and knick-knacks for the festive season. City centres seem to sprout wooden shacks, which sell everything from wooden toys, glassware and quirky little gifts that can make perfect stocking fillers.As well as the trinket shops, the smell of freshly ....Continue Reading >>
Perusing the treasures of the priceless literary collection of the British Library boggles the mind. Titled the The Treasures and epitomised by the foyer’s large naked statue of Isaac Newton leaning over with his compass to measure the universe, this exceptional history of words promotes the gathering of knowledge.Much of the collection is a celebration of the world's most wide-spread language and ....Continue Reading >>
guest drink around the world article by Hotel Chocolat, which I can recommend for their superb chocolates.The ancient university city of Cambridge lies fifty miles northeast of London, surrounded by the low-lying farmland of East Anglia. It’s small and picturesque car-free city centre – where cafes and shops sit amongst ancient university buildings and narrow cobbled lanes – is perfect ....Continue Reading >>
The historic dockyard in the Royal Naval Base of Portsmouth is a treasure trove of British naval history throughout the centuries. In the one area, the Mary Rose from the mid-1500s, Admiral Nelson’s famous HMS Victory from the late-1700s and Britain’s first iron-armoured battleship, HMS Warrior from 1860 stand proud from the era where naval power was a passport to military dominance. A combined ....Continue Reading >>
If John and Mary Shakespeare had not borne a son, William, who proved to be the world’s finest English language writer and playwright of all time, then it is doubtful whether the travel wonder of Stratford would have progressed beyond a pleasant English market town. Rather, people gather in their hordes to make a literary pilgrimage to Stratford-upon-Avon and “The Bard”. Stratford has captured ....Continue Reading >>
Cheddar is a village in the south-west of England in an area threaded with deep gorges. This popular travel wonder is famous for being the original home for a tasty hard cheese and for its limestone caves. The unremarkable photo is part of Jacob’s Ladder (named after the stairway to heaven), an ordinary set of 274 concrete steps through light forest, which take visitors from the gorge floor to a ....Continue Reading >>
Lavenham is a delightful old English village with a disproportionately large church and delicately balanced medieval half-timbered houses. It looks as if a strong breeze could blow these ones over, though they've probably been there for 400 or 500 years. Ironically, the leaning house was the office of the local real estate agency when I took this photo!One of the regulars at the local bar jocularly ....Continue Reading >>
Graced with timeless Georgian architecture with its focus on perfect symmetry and simple elegance and coupled with a world famous Roman spa, Bath is surely one of England’s greatest travel wonders. On discovering natural hot springs, the ancient Romans built baths and associated therapeutic qualities to the mineral-rich waters. They dedicated the site to Minerva, the goddess of wisdom.As the ....Continue Reading >>
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