by James DanielIf you’re thinking of going skiing and have not been before, then it can be a little intimidating, looking on the Internet and trying to decide where’s best. Many of the places sound familiar, but you may not know anything about them or what they actually have to offer with regards to skiing.The truth is, it’s more than just the slopes that make a ski resort and here ....Continue Reading >>
by David MillerBerlin is possibly the most surprising city in Europe. In Paris, London and Amsterdam you know what to expect and where to go, but in Berlin every street can hold an unexpected surprise. That’s why Berlin is the city to go for people who want to experience a true urban adventure. In this article we are going to take you of the beaten path.A Brief History to the Creative ....Continue Reading >>
by Emma CareyIt’s great to be able to pick a holiday destination that will meet all your expectations and provide you with all the elements you need for a great family holiday. If you love walking and hiking then there are many places to choose from in the British Isles that offer a fantastic selection of walks but also to plenty of other things to do. If you choose to give the hotel a miss ....Continue Reading >>
by John RobertsonEveryone loves sunshine and a warm climate so where could be better than a destination that enjoys both, pretty much all year round? Known for its stunning coastline, looming mountains and vibrant culture, Tenerife is not only the largest but also the most popular of the Canary Islands. Along with the rest of the Canary Islands, Tenerife often has the perceived image of the ....Continue Reading >>
by Janice StringerThe Cornish sea-side resort town of Newquay is probably the most widely known of all the Cornishtowns and villages you could visit. It certainly is the one that can immediately divide opinion, which can be very strong, about its merits as somewhere to visit. This seems to fall into two categories, either you have visited and love the place or you’ve read about it and ....Continue Reading >>
by Sam McCallWhile city breaks have a lot to be said for them, sometimes there's nothing better than kicking back and enjoying a more relaxed pace of life in rural surroundings. Britain has a wealth of ancient villages and hamlets that make you feel like you've stepped back in time - so whether you're staying in a luxury country hotel, a bed and breakfast or even booking a property for yourself ....Continue Reading >>
by Rebecca SteeleThe North Western city of Liverpool certainly has its fair share of culture to offer its visitors, which would have certainly helped its nomination as joint Capital of Culture in 2008. With several museums and galleries to keep you occupied during your stay in the city, you could easily spend a day or two here absorbing the history and heritage.Museum of LiverpoolThe ....Continue Reading >>
A discussion over a weekend coffee bought me to hunt down this old travel photo from Helsinki in Finland. This dated scanned image shows a fine bronze statue of Paavo Nurmi, the Flying Finn outside the Helsinki Olympic Stadium (for the 1952 games where Nurmi lit the flame).Paavo Nurmi is a Finnish hero winning nine Olympic gold medals and three silver medals across three Olympic Games in middle ....Continue Reading >>
by Sam Jones, a travel writer for Owners DirectNot far from Sofia, the capital city of Bulgaria, but far enough away to make you feel as if you are out in the wilds, is the highest mountain in Bulgaria, the Rila Mountain. Set amid the 81046 hectare Rila National Park, the biggest of the three National Parks in Bulgaria and one of the largest in Europe, the mountain takes a little slice ....Continue Reading >>
by Malwina GudowskaSpain’s varied landscape and its choose-your-own-adventure allure make it one of the most enthralling destinations for travellers to explore. The result is many of the cities are overrun and crowded by eager tourists hoping to discover every last bit of the country’s charm. But for those of us who prefer a slower pace of travel and a quieter vacation, Spain also offers plenty ....Continue Reading >>

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