A discussion over a weekend coffee bought me to hunt down this old travel photo from Helsinki in Finland. This dated scanned image shows a fine bronze statue of Paavo Nurmi, the Flying Finn outside the Helsinki Olympic Stadium (for the 1952 games where Nurmi lit the flame).Paavo Nurmi is a Finnish hero winning nine Olympic gold medals and three silver medals across three Olympic Games in middle ....Continue Reading >>
Walking towards Helsinki’s exceptional Temppeliaukio Cathedral, built underground hewn from solid granite, is a striking monument to Finland’s finest composer, Jean Sibelius. Built from more than 600 steel pipes in the form of organ pipes, reactions vary from praise to disappointment at the modern surrealist memorial. Personally, I loved the monument, glittering in the warming rays of the Helsinki ....Continue Reading >>
Travelling north in Finland, the train crosses the Arctic Circle, an imaginary line at 66° 33′ 39″ north of the equator. All places north of this magical line receives at least one day of 24-hour sun and at least one day where the sun does not lift above the horizon at all. The travel wonder of Rovaniemi is fortuitously situated near the Arctic Circle and takes full advantage of its location. ....Continue Reading >>
If you have travelled around Europe for more than a couple of weeks, you become very accustomed to the expression "ABC" or another bloody cathedral/church. Every major city, town or small village is adorned with a church perched on prime real estate which is hundreds of years old rich in history, art and religious symbolism. They are remarkable architectural achievements (such as in the photo below ....Continue Reading >>
In the centre of the country, Kuopio could be an advertisement for the travel wonders of Finland. Set among spruce forests and surrounded by sparkling lakes, Kuopio comes complete with ski-jumps, an orthodox church and the world’s largest smoke sauna. Combine that with fascinating local cuisine options and Kuopio offers a wondrous, single day sample of Finland at its finest.The best view of Kuopio ....Continue Reading >>

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