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Over the centuries, pilgrims crawled up the 216 stairs on their knees to view and pray for a buried saint and a remarkable statue in this cliff-bound travel wonder. Today, bus-loads of “camera pilgrims” crowd the small hamlet of Rocamadour, shop enthusiastically at the throng of market stalls and take a private lift to even avoid expending energy walking. From the nearby vantage points, Rocamadour ....Continue Reading >>
guest post by Isabella Rose of MyDestinationInfo.comHome to the French Alps tallest peak, Chamonix taunts snow-sports enthusiasts with slopes just begging to be tarnished by the touch of skis. However, with the overshadowing call of the wily temptress, aka Mont Blanc, and the idyllic Chamonix weather, many have overlooked the effervescent town that sits at the base of her tumbling snowfall. Unlike ....Continue Reading >>
guest post by Vera Marie Badertscher, A Traveler's Library Some wonders of the world consist of rock and water, spectacular plants or unusual animals. I visited a true wonder of the world that consists of a piece of linen material and a whole lot of wool thread.At first I thought that the Bayeux Tapestry would be of interest simply because it is old. And it is an impressive 934 years old in 2011. Created ....Continue Reading >>
Escaping the rush of Paris and the insane summers of the French beaches, rural France is best experienced in its small villages that sprinkle the country. The best are associated under the banner of Les Plus Beaux Villages de France. Part One explored villages in the south and Alps regions of France while Part Two explored the French villages of Normandy and the Dordogne. A further four villages scattered ....Continue Reading >>
France is sprinkled with beguiling villages, many frozen in time that encapsulate much of what people love about this European cultural giant. Associated under the banner of Les Plus Beaux Villages de France, these villages share the historic, gastronomic and enchanting nature of rural France. Part One explored villages in the south and Alps regions of France while today we explore Normandy and the ....Continue Reading >>
With its excellence in selling itself, the French encourage visitors to enjoy some of France's most elegant and photogenic villages. Highlighting villages with populations of less than 2000 people that boast at least two historic monuments or sites and striking architecture, unique culture or natural beauty, an initial book published in the early 1980s led to an association of around 150 villages that ....Continue Reading >>
The first sight of Pont du Gard is striking. Set in a picturesque valley and with its towering three arched structure reflected into the peaceful river below, it is extraordinary to realise that the bridge was built around the time of Christ as part of a water supply system to the Roman capital of the area, Nîmes (which is well worth a visit with its Roman amphitheatre, Roman house and ancient gates). ....Continue Reading >>
Watching highlights of the Tour de France on television as I write this post, I can’t help but wonder if this isn’t the greatest endurance test of any sport. For twenty-one days, the finest road cyclists in the world ride the roads of France including the savage slopes of the Alps and Pyrénées. Over 15 million spectators stand by the roadside and on the slopes to watch the cyclists live at some ....Continue Reading >>
guest postThe Cote d'Azur, also knows as the French Riviera or Gold Coast, is located on the southern end of France along the Mediterranean Sea. With a climate that boasts over 300 days a year of sunshine and mild temperatures, beautiful azure waters, and the Alps as a backdrop, this area has long been one of the most sought-after havens by those searching for the ideal spot for truly luxurious relaxation ....Continue Reading >>
The ideal way to explore the French Alps is to visit Chamonix. Himalaya-esque alpine vistas of saw-toothed mountains and broad glaciers, including western Europe’s highest mountain are the highlight of this delightful mountain town. While there are many outstanding hikes criss-crossing the valleys, the two highlights are the recently described le Mer de Glace while the second is the exceptional panorama ....Continue Reading >>
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