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Chamonix is the heart of the French Alps. Sitting below the towering peak of western Europe’s highest mountain, Mont Blanc, serrated saw-edged mountains and sweeping glaciers dominate the mind-blowing alpine scenery. Two wonderful half day journeys (both requiring good weather) help experience the wondrous alpine splendour and extraordinary panoramas without having to strap on a ski or snowboard. ....Continue Reading >>
guest postImagine a place of breathtaking beauty where the sun shines for 300 days out of each year. 115 kilometers (or 71 miles) of sparkling beaches and coastline are available for your walking and swimming pleasure. You can golf at any of 18 courses, ski at 14 resorts, and sample sumptuous meals at any of over 3000 restaurants. Does this sound too amazing to be believed? Without a doubt, it exists ....Continue Reading >>
guest postFor decades Cote D'Azur in the French Riviera has been synonymous with luxury, beauty, decadence and fame. Everyone from oil sheiks to Hollywood's latest starlets have graced its coasts. Pristine blue water and glimmering white sand has enchanted holiday makers from around the world who want to experience one of the most truly beautiful places on earth.The South of France is a beautiful spot ....Continue Reading >>
This is the second in a series of three European travel wonders (first is Bologna), focussing on less popular travel cities. The series is written by Travel Wonders and kindly sponsored by through the travel wonder of Burgundy and you will be immediately drawn to the wonderful wines and delectable rich cuisine. Beaune is a typical town in Burgundy offering a variety of wine ....Continue Reading >>
guest postCorsica is a very beautiful and scenic place to visit. It is one of 26 outlaying islands located in the sea south of Italy. It has its own language, Corsican with its own remarkable history and culture. Corsica is an excellent choice for any luxury villa rental and should be visited by anyone travelling to the area.The island has numerous tiny coves and beaches with many enchanting mountain ....Continue Reading >>
guest post by Chris Zwierzynski, TripBase.comParis is often associated with the proverbial hustle and bustle of famous landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, the Musée d’Orsay and the Notre Dame cathedral. However, there is another side to Paris, as chronicled in Travel Wonders’ own Hidden Wonders of Paris and we find that sometimes some truly interesting wonders of a given city get pushed ....Continue Reading >>
At the start of every month, Travel Wonders highlights a special drink from my travels around the world. Visiting the French Alps in winter, I recall drinking a spicy warm red wine that the French call vin chaud. Since then I learned that it is similar to glühwein in the Germanic nations and called mulled wine in English.It is easy to make at home which I have done several times. Simply take a bottle ....Continue Reading >>
A small bright yellow train with cherry red trim has meandered its way through the French Catalan Pyrenees in the Languedoc Roussillon region near the Spanish border, connecting remote and isolated mountain villages for over 100 years. Popular with travellers, le train jaune tracks through dramatic alpine scenery over towering bridges, tunnels gouged through the mountains and a number of viaducts.The ....Continue Reading >>
As I post this, France will be awash in celebrations and fireworks for their treasured national day commemorating the storming of a Parisian prison in 1789 and the launch of the French republic. Remarkably, over 100 professional cyclists will continue on their 3,500 kilometre journey around France in the world's most famous bicycle race, the Tour de France. Surely, it is the most physically and physiologically ....Continue Reading >>
This is the final installment of a three part series featuring some of Paris's hidden wonders - those not necessarily found in guide books but certainly worth a visit. Part One is the start of the story.Museum of Industrial Works (Musée des Arts et Métiers) (3rd arr)This extraordinary collection is housed in an old priory and showcases French inventions and industrial works throughout the centuries. ....Continue Reading >>
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