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Working in Sweden briefly in late winter some years ago, I was delighted to stumble across the high speed skilled sport of bandy. Thinking it was ice hockey at first sight, the game is actually much closer to football (soccer) on ice in its ways. Played outdoors on a frozen football field (so much much larger than an ice hockey rink), play is a little less aggressive (and the players less padded) than ....Continue Reading >>
Like many children growing up, I spent a lot of time playing handball against a local school or park wall. The culturally independent Basque area (with a most mysterious language unlike any other I've heard) located in the southwest of France and northwest of Spain have turned this game into the remarkable sport of pelota (literally ball in Spanish). Like a cross between handball, squash and tennis ....Continue Reading >>
Malaysia and Thailand are home to one of the most athletic and skilled sports I've seen anywhere in my travels. Sepak Takraw (kick ball - sepak is a Malay word for kick and takraw is a Thai word for ball) is a cross between volleyball and soccer - teams of three players are permitted a maximum of three touches to move the ball over a high net (around 1.5 metres) and into the opponent's court using ....Continue Reading >>
As the Australian memorial day of Anzac Day recently passed (April 25), it seems an ideal time to introduce the popular Australian gambling game of Two Up. The game only requires two pennies and a flat throwing stick called a kip and can be played nearly anywhere.The thrower or spinner simply tosses the two pennies from the kip into the air with people betting between each other (or against the house) ....Continue Reading >>
Dominoes is a game nearly everyone played as a child and seems to be a familiar game to people on every continent. A tile or bone (named from their original construction) contains two values, each from zero (blank) to six represented by a number of dots. Each set contains one of every combination of tile making a set of 28, making for a easy to carry game. As a travel game it is ideal. Most people ....Continue Reading >>
An old Congolese man on his haunches nods knowingly. Seated on the dusty smooth ground on the banks of the Congo River (how can people crouch for hours?) in Kisangani (destination for the Congo River boat) under the cool of a tree, I know my fate. He utters a few words in his local language in a rumbling voice so deep the sounds seem to emanate from the earth below. His beaming smile and sharp mind ....Continue Reading >>
For the last two years on the first of the month, Travel Wonders has featured a drink of the month, iconic to a certain country or region. This year in a similar manner, I am going to feature games around the world identifiable with a certain place or country.I am starting the series with a favourite game that I have owned for over twenty years that has travelled with me on most of my journeys and ....Continue Reading >>

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