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Since Roman times, folks have been bathing and enjoying the uplifting mineral spa waters that flow from the Black Forest hills of Baden-Baden. The city has two superb Roman baths to choose from (Friedrichsbad and Caracella-Therme) but almost as relaxing is the elegant Trinkhalle (Pump Room) which houses an enticing cafe, offers free glasses of the magical mineral-rich waters and a superb long verandah ....Continue Reading >>
Read Part One to start the tour of Regensburg Evidence of Roman occupation can be seen at Porta Praetoria which dates back to the second century. The Roman’s certainly built things to last! The Roman name, Castra Regina (Roman Fortress by the Regen River or Regensburg)  gives the city its name today.Today, the old town hall is a fine museum (tour only) including fine decorated rooms of state ....Continue Reading >>
The villages and towns of Germany's Black Forest feature many half-timbered buildings (or fachwerkhäuser in German) including this beauty in Alpirsbach.With only 6500 people, Alpirsbach includes a 900-year old historic monastery/church and a superb brewery. The brewery is well worth visiting with an excellent museum detailing the history intimately attached to the monastery. In medieval ....Continue Reading >>
The alluring smoky aroma of grilled sausages cooked over a wood fire wafts through the narrow cobbled streets of Regensburg. By the Danube, the tiny green brick and stone Historische Wurstküchl (literally historic sausage kitchen) has been in business for so long it served similar delectable sausages to the builders of Regensberg’s Stone Bridge (Steinerne Brücke) and cathedral over 850 years ....Continue Reading >>
STEINERNE BRÜCKE QUICK FACTS Location: Regensberg, Germany River: Danube Built: circa 1140 Length: 309 metres Style: Arch (Stone)With history back to Roman times, Regensburg is one of Europe's finest preserved medieval towns. A highlight is the plainly named Stone Bridge (Steinerne Brücke) which elegantly arches across the Danube River.Similarly to Devil's Bridge in Cividale del ....Continue Reading >>
Bulging from the meandering Rhine, Lake Constance (Bodensee) is a scenic central European marine tri-border between Germany, Switzerland and Austria. With a shoreline littered with castles and churches and historic towns, the lake is rich in cultural pickings.More palatial than religious in appearance, Birnau Basilica stands majestically on an isolated headland overlooking the lake. Regally ....Continue Reading >>
by David MillerBerlin is possibly the most surprising city in Europe. In Paris, London and Amsterdam you know what to expect and where to go, but in Berlin every street can hold an unexpected surprise. That’s why Berlin is the city to go for people who want to experience a true urban adventure. In this article we are going to take you of the beaten path.A Brief History to the Creative ....Continue Reading >>
by John MillerChristmas markets, also known as Christkindlesmarkt or Weihnachtsmarkt, depending which part of Germany or Austria you’re hailing from, aren’t just about market stalls and shopping in the run up to Christmas. Going back to medieval times - when people would travel to find festive cheer in the bright Christmas lights, bustling street stalls and delicious snacks to pass the winter ....Continue Reading >>
Roughly halfway along the 350-kilometre Romantic Road (Romantische Strasse in southern Germany is the delightful medieval half-timbered town of Nördlingen. As part of a bowl-shaped cratered area created by a meteorite strike (many millions of years ago), Nördlingen is rich in history. The circular 14th century town walls along with its towers and gates survive intact and make for a superb three kilometre ....Continue Reading >>
Bathed in beautiful white light, the huge 36 metre dome of St Blasien's Cathedral is an architectural wonder of harmony and grace. With a circle of windows and columns, the entire church is flooded in a glorious light befitting its spiritual role.In the south of Germany's Black Forest, the humble town of St Blasien (now a health resort) belies its rich history as a Benedictine monastery of almost ....Continue Reading >>
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