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guest post by Oh DestinationsAs the winter months draw nearer we all know it can only mean one thing… Christmas celebrations, New Years Eve parties, manic Christmas shopping and of course snow are coming! If you’re lucky enough to be in Berlin at this festive time of year then you’ll get the chance to experience the winter magic that sets over the city. Here are a few things which ....Continue Reading >>
The unrelenting climb up the forested slopes outside Eisenach (whether by foot, donkey or shuttlebus) past the towering plain walls highlights the imposing location of Wartburg Castle. Shaped like a cigar (click layout to enlarge) with one narrow gated entrance and with such natural defences, Wartburg Castle has played a significant role in German history and is a powerful symbol of the Reformation. ....Continue Reading >>
Seemingly lost in medieval times, the central Black Forest town of Schiltach is a jewel of half-timbered houses. The triangular market square has the most impressive samples, some dating back to the early 1600s.Schiltach Vacations ....Continue Reading >>
For most visitors to Munich, a trip is not complete without a visit to the world-famous Hofbräuhaus and a Maß of Hofbräu. While it has a mild reputation as a place full of young drunk backpackers, I discovered very little of that. However, the beer hall is extremely Germanic. An ompah band replete with players in leather shorts and feathered felt hats pumps out their traditional brass band German ....Continue Reading >>
When Martin Luther hammered his 95 Theses into the wooden door of a humble church of a small German town in 1517, Luther started the Protestant Reformation and altered European and Christian religious history forever. Almost 500 years later, the travel wonder of Wittenberg continues to thrive on the legacy of Martin Luther. Small plaques litter the town marking aspects of Luther’s life which is strung ....Continue Reading >>
Germany's Black Forest is home to cuckoo clocks, shimmering lakes, rich cherry chocolate cakes and small half-timbered villages frozen in time (such as Gengenbach). It is also home to Germany's best known waterfall in Triberg Falls. Tumbling in small steps down a rocky path, the setting in verdant green forests creates a soothing scenic image. ....Continue Reading >>
As a child, I recall reading Mark Twain's wry and witty account of travelling through Germany, Switzerland and Italy in A Tramp Abroad. It was one of the books that captured my interest in travelling the world. Twain spent three months in Heidelberg mystified by the world's largest wine barrel and including a wondrous description of the semi-ruinous castle and its stunning location overlooking the ....Continue Reading >>
Deep in the bowels of Heidelberg Castle is the world’s largest wine barrel. The Heidelberg Tun or Grosses Fass holds over 220,000 litres (58,000 US gallons) and stands an impressive six metres high. To encourage partying, a staircase leads to a dance floor installed on its top so people could drink and dance all evening!With elegant deceit, the path through the castle leads past a smaller barrel ....Continue Reading >>
The Harz mountains stand tall in the epicentre of Germany, rich in forests, rivers and historic half-timbered villages. Sliced in half by the East and West divide, this area attracts many less visitors than it warrants.At 1000 years old, the world heritage-listed travel wonder of Goslar is a medieval masterpiece of narrow cobblestone streets, small canals, a glorious historic main square, the 1494 ....Continue Reading >>
Combining infamy and stunning natural beauty, the tiny town of Berchtesgaden is a German travel wonder. Surrounded by dazzling turquoise lakes, towering snow-capped mountains, brooding dark green forests, cute steep-sided churches and tumbling falls, Berchtesgaden seems unsuited to its sinister past. Perched on the appropriately named Eagle’s Nest (Kehlstein), one of Hitler’s most faithful generals ....Continue Reading >>
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