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by Stephen FrazerDespite a population of more than 1.6 million, Perth remains one of the most isolated cities on the planet. Once just a small town in Western Australia, it began to grow along with the lucrative mining industry in the area. While you don't need to be a millionaire to call Perth home, it definitely doesn't hurt. When you are touring the city, keep up appearances and fit in with ....Continue Reading >>
by James DanielIf you’re thinking of going skiing and have not been before, then it can be a little intimidating, looking on the Internet and trying to decide where’s best. Many of the places sound familiar, but you may not know anything about them or what they actually have to offer with regards to skiing.The truth is, it’s more than just the slopes that make a ski resort and here ....Continue Reading >>
by David MillerBerlin is possibly the most surprising city in Europe. In Paris, London and Amsterdam you know what to expect and where to go, but in Berlin every street can hold an unexpected surprise. That’s why Berlin is the city to go for people who want to experience a true urban adventure. In this article we are going to take you of the beaten path.A Brief History to the Creative ....Continue Reading >>
by Emma CareyIt’s great to be able to pick a holiday destination that will meet all your expectations and provide you with all the elements you need for a great family holiday. If you love walking and hiking then there are many places to choose from in the British Isles that offer a fantastic selection of walks but also to plenty of other things to do. If you choose to give the hotel a miss ....Continue Reading >>
by Cassandra WintersOne of the most fascinating sights in Hanoi is the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum where the embalmed remains of the communist leader rest within an impressive monumental building.The construction of this enormous monument and preservation of his body actually go against Ho’s last wishes, which were stated in his will: He asked that his body be cremated and his ashes scattered ....Continue Reading >>
by Jamie KingIndian railway networks are some of the largest in the world, with certain areas of track running for over 71,000 miles through 7,500 stations. As of December 2012, Indian railways carried over 25 million people every day, and nearly 9 billion on an annual basis. Most of these passengers were travelling from the suburbs to the cities; however, many of the trains that run on ....Continue Reading >>
by John RobertsonEveryone loves sunshine and a warm climate so where could be better than a destination that enjoys both, pretty much all year round? Known for its stunning coastline, looming mountains and vibrant culture, Tenerife is not only the largest but also the most popular of the Canary Islands. Along with the rest of the Canary Islands, Tenerife often has the perceived image of the ....Continue Reading >>
by Janice StringerThe Cornish sea-side resort town of Newquay is probably the most widely known of all the Cornishtowns and villages you could visit. It certainly is the one that can immediately divide opinion, which can be very strong, about its merits as somewhere to visit. This seems to fall into two categories, either you have visited and love the place or you’ve read about it and ....Continue Reading >>
by Jamie KingIf your idea of a luxury hotel is one where they leave a chocolate on the pillow and give you a pair of disposable slippers to wear then you haven't experienced the opulence of some of the world's most expensive hotel rooms. Far from stretching to a couple of hundred pounds a night, these unimaginably expensive rooms can cost the price of a decent four-by-four for just one night's ....Continue Reading >>
by Bennett StevensAs President Obama’s high profile visit to Myanmar late last year helped to illustrate, the country has undergone major democratic reforms and emerged from a half century of isolation. With the hardline military junta dissolved; General turned President Thein Sein trading in his army uniform for Hugo Boss, and Nobel Peace Prize winner Aung San Suu Kyi freely elected ....Continue Reading >>
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