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guest post by Craig PattersonConsidering that for many people luxury holidays are epitomised by the classic white sand, blue ocean and swaying palm trees archetype, there does seem to be a growing attitude that if you’ve seen one stretch of coastline you’ve seen them all. Perhaps with the proliferation of international travel over the last 30 years it was inevitable that attitudes towards beach ....Continue Reading >>
guest post by Flight Centre If you are thinking of taking a vacation in the near future and the call of cultural alarms are ringing in your head, you may want to start checking flights to Taipei. Located on the Tamsui River, Taipei is the economic, cultural and political center of Taiwan. There are many diverse attractions to be found for tourists in Taipei, and certainly something for everyone ....Continue Reading >>
guest post by Sarah PaigeNext time you’re planning a holiday, why not try and see some of outback Australia. Europe may have its ancient buildings and Asia has plenty of jungle to explore but where else can you drive through sparse desert on the world’s straightest road, seeing some of Mother Nature’s rarest flora and fauna? It’s road trip time. Getting Started Start your journey in Perth, ....Continue Reading >>
guest post by Spa BreaksSpa hotels of all descriptions are synonymous with relaxation, tranquillity and stunning views. However, mountain spas take all those attributes and amplify them tenfold. Surrounded by an imposing yet beautiful range of snow-capped peaks, you’re able to treat yourself in comfort in a well-heated spa while gazing upon the Alps, Rockies or other alpine haven. Holidaying in a ....Continue Reading >>
guest post by Euro BookingsThere’s nothing worse than arriving in an exciting new city when time’s at a premium and not knowing which places of interest are worth visiting and which are well worth steering clear of. With that in mind, here’s a brief guide to Edinburgh’s best sites and it’s also worth noting that hotels in Edinburgh are in a plentiful supply. Edinburgh CastlePerched above ....Continue Reading >>
guest post by Nazeli K. Kyuregyan The Latin motto splendor sine occasu suits perfectly the most exciting Canadian province. Let its natural gems inspire your soul while its vibrant cities conquer your mind. Splendid NatureIncredibly naturally gifted, British Columbia is venerated by adventurers from all around the world. Whether you are a skier, snowboarded, free-climber, hiker, cave-explorer, animal ....Continue Reading >>
guest post by Kirsty Leckie-PalmerThis New Year as you’re busy flinging your glass to the heavens and toasting health, wealth, and happiness, remember to make room on your list of resolutions for a new experience. Once you’ve been on a ski holiday once, it’s unlikely you’ll change the routine if you’ve found a smart little resort with good snow coverage, a cosy fireside and swift access to ....Continue Reading >>
by the Travelsupermarket holidays teamAs we enter December it is a reminder that Christmas is a hectic time for most people, but if you want to get away from it all for a few days, and are struggling for inspiration on where to go, read our guide to the top 10 European destinations to visit this Christmas.ViennaOne of the best-known and most popular Christmas markets in Europe is located in ....Continue Reading >>
guest post by Amy BakerLocated on the very tip of the African continent, at the point where the Atlantic and Indian Oceans collide, is the beautiful city of Cape Town. Tourists and locals are treated to breathtaking views of land and sea at every turn and beaches so perfect they will spoil other countries offerings in a heartbeat. Expect to dine upon the freshest seafood served as standard at the best ....Continue Reading >>
guest post by Oh DestinationsAs the winter months draw nearer we all know it can only mean one thing… Christmas celebrations, New Years Eve parties, manic Christmas shopping and of course snow are coming! If you’re lucky enough to be in Berlin at this festive time of year then you’ll get the chance to experience the winter magic that sets over the city. Here are a few things which ....Continue Reading >>
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