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guest post by Emily CollinsThe 1.2 kilometre Las Ramblas is the most famous street in Barcelona, and in particular the south contains some of the city’s most unique tourist attractions. Many people don’t realise that this tree-lined boulevard is actually made up of five inter-connected streets, which stretch all the way up from the marina at Port Vell to Placa Catalunya in the northern ....Continue Reading >>
guest post by Red Sea HolidaysEgypt is home to many ancient splendours and modern attractions, making the country a favourite Middle Eastern holiday destinations. And why not? Situated between the Mediterranean Basin and the Red Sea, Egypt has a great range of tempting locations in which to stay for a short break or for a long holiday – the choice is up to you. And if Egypt’s the destination, make ....Continue Reading >>
guest post by TravelexWhether you are still living the Disney dream or you have a little princess desperate to visit a castle like the one in her favourite fairytales, this guide will provide you with the best fairytale castles to be found in Europe. Pick your favourite, pack your tiara, and visit some of the most beautiful and historic buildings on the continent.Neuschwanstein Castle, GermanySteeped ....Continue Reading >>
Sam Lloyd reports from the Kilembero Valley in Tanzania, where he is working for Frontier, a UK based NGO, on a conservation project that is working with the local community to protect the vital Ruipa Corridor. The resurrection of wildlife corridors is a favourite conservation issue of mine and Frontier are doing great work in this area. Between the gargantuan Selous game reserve and the mighty Udzungwa ....Continue Reading >>
guest post by Titan HiToursA vibrant labyrinth of culture and colour, New York is the ideal location to begin the epic adventure of coast-to-coast rail tours. When you’re done shopping along Fifth Avenue and taking a cosmopolitan stroll through Central Park, view the cityscape from the towering heights of the Empire State Building (where Tom Hanks or King Kong may be waiting, depending on your luck). ....Continue Reading >>
guest post by Amy BakerMention Johannesburg and often people will dismiss it as being a place famous for the danger you are sure to face should you choose to go there. The reality is very different. Johannesburg is a city rich in fascinating history and culture and as the major gateway to Kruger National Park, not to mention the rest of South Africa, Johannesburg is well worthy of some exploration.A ....Continue Reading >>
guest post by AirtoursThe Canary Islands have long been associated with all inclusive holidays. has recently voted the Canaries as having six out of ten of the best beaches in the whole of Spain. However, there is far more to the archipelago than just glorious temperatures, crystal clear waters and powder soft sand.Canary Islands OverviewThe Canary Islands are group of Spanish islands ....Continue Reading >>
guest post by Amanda HattersburgSpain's popularity as a holiday destination means there are many attractive Spain holiday deals to choose from, whether you’re looking to indulge in some scintillating time in the sun or view the architecture that has made it such a fascinating tourist attraction. But despite the diverse range of activities across the country, there is one thing holiday-makers universally ....Continue Reading >>
guest post by Amy BakerThe people of Oman are known for their exceptional hospitality. In fact, when visiting don’t find it surprising if you are invited into a strangers home as it is customary for Omani people to welcome others for refreshments and if you are lucky, a little nibble on something tasty. Be warned: Omani cuisine varies a great deal across the different regions and is entirely different ....Continue Reading >>
guest post by Titan HiToursCanada is a holiday destination full of history and vibrancy. The second largest country in the world, it borders America’s northernmost states and is surrounded on either side by ocean. Every season offers something different, so it’s always an exciting place to go, and with ten states and three provinces, there’s no lack of diversity so you can plan a trip that suits ....Continue Reading >>

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