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guest post by Marco PambiancoItaly is filled with many world renowned cities – Rome, Venice, Milan and Naples – to name a few. We learn about these cities in our history books, listen to stories from our friends and family who have vacationed there and even gamble at large casinos in Las Vegas that have been erected to mirror the architecture of the once rich and powerful cities. Because ....Continue Reading >>
guest post by Francesca Edwards As one of the most romantic cities in the world, its no wonder Venice is such a popular choice for romantic breaks and honeymoons. For those who like to know exactly what they’re in for and like to plan to the last detail, here are a few tips to make your trip to Venice as romantic as possible.1. Gondola ride… at SunsetThis one can be slightly challenging ....Continue Reading >>
Spritz is the name of a variety of drinks but the original hails from Venice and the Veneto region. Created when under Austrian rule (hence its Germanic name), it is made by mixing equal measures of Prosecco wine (a very dry sparkling wine), the bitter liquor, Campari and sparkling mineral water. The Campari gives it a vivid orange colour. Chill with ice and add a slice of orange and an olive and enjoy ....Continue Reading >>
by Francesca EdwardsWell known as one of the fashion capitals of the world, Rome has always been a hotspot for shopping. The magnificently luxurious streets of Via Condotti and Via del Corso are home to many of the Kings and Queens of the fashion industry; Gucci, Louis Vuitton and Prada to name a few. However, once you’ve spent enough time dribbling over Fendi’s latest bag collection you ....Continue Reading >>
by Katherine ConlanThose looking for a cultural trip in a sunny climate should consider the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea, Sicily. Looking like the sharp piece of rock being kicked by Italy’s heeled boot, Sicily is a modern island with a rich history, and a fantastic place to explore by car.Palermo, the island’s capital, is a real cosmopolitan city and its long history (including ....Continue Reading >>
Again a product of an age-old family recipe, Bibicaffe is one of the more unusual soda drinks I have ever tasted. Bibicaffe is a bottled, mildly carbonated coffee drink - a sparkling espresso. While a fraction sweet to me (though at least it is real cane sugar), Bibicaffe has subtle flavours of caramel and vanilla woven into a strong coffee flavour, presenting one of the most unusual drinks I've ....Continue Reading >>
See parts one, two and three covering Leonardo's boyhood years in Vinci, Leonardo's apprenticeship in Florence and Leonardo's time in Milan.Leonardo’s time in Milan finished after the French occupied the city, starting sixteen years of travels around Italy in various roles, including visits to Venice, Florence and Rome. In this time, Leonardo continues to produce his extraordinary notes and work. ....Continue Reading >>
See Leonardo's boyhood years in Vinci and Leonardo's apprenticeship in Florence before his time in Milan.Leonardo received increased opportunities as he moved to Milan to serve the powerful Duke of Milan – a city of less than 80,000 people in 1480. Leonardo was partially adopted for his ability to design defences and war machines for the Duke – an ironic twist for this pragmatic but pacifist being. ....Continue Reading >>
See Part One for Leonardo's early years in Vinci.Showing early signs of being a fine painter, Leonardo moved to Florence with his father when he was fourteen and was apprenticed to master painter Verrocchio (only a couple of blocks from the stunning cathedral). In those days, the apprentices worked as a team on many of the commissioned works though tradition dictated that all were credited to the workshop ....Continue Reading >>
Leonardo is probably the most universal genius of all time. Variously described as a painter, sculptor, writer, architect, town planner, scientist, cartographer, engineer, philosopher, aeronaut, inventor, anatomist, botanist, musician and geologist – his achievements in any single field would have left his mark in history. For his time through the Renaissance, Leonardo was widely travelled, taking ....Continue Reading >>
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