Malaysia and Thailand are home to one of the most athletic and skilled sports I've seen anywhere in my travels. Sepak Takraw (kick ball - sepak is a Malay word for kick and takraw is a Thai word for ball) is a cross between volleyball and soccer - teams of three players are permitted a maximum of three touches to move the ball over a high net (around 1.5 metres) and into the opponent's court using ....Continue Reading >>
guest post by Samantha DeavinClimbing and diving are two of the main attractions of Sabah – the Malaysian state located on the northern point of the island of Borneo. The famous Mount Kinabulu is a magnet for adventurers and climbing enthusiasts while the stunning underwater ecosystem of the Sipadan reef lures avid divers. For those who have walked the well trodden tourist path of South East Asia, ....Continue Reading >>
For centuries, Malacca (or Melaka in Malay) has been a rich melting pot of cultures. Occupied at various times in history by the Chinese, Portuguese, Dutch, English, Japanese (briefly during World War 2) and Malays, all were interested in its strategic position on the narrow Malacca Straits (primarily for the historic East Indies trade route).While the main sights are in the centre of town and on the ....Continue Reading >>
The Cameron Highlands are Malaysia’s relief valve from the oppressive equatorial heat and humidity of the capital and the beaches. Gloriously cool and refreshing, the Cameron Highlands are gently rolling, misty hills, dramatic peaks and fertile soils filled with tea plantations, lush jungle trails, fruit and vegetable farms and weekend retreats. Being the finest in natural air-conditioning, the Cameron ....Continue Reading >>
Once the tallest building in the world (since surpassed by a Taiwanese building), Petronas Twin Towers dominates the Malaysian capital's skyline. Most striking is the skybridge which connects the two towers about halfway up and which can be accessed for free (requires a ticket). I think the skybridge and the mirrored twins are what makes this building a truly striking sight. Interestingly, the lifts ....Continue Reading >>

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