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In a beautiful verdant park on a river in Delhi, a simple, elegant platform of black marble, adorned with floral wreaths and lit with a single lantern marks the cremation of Mahatma Gandhi, the Father of the Nation of India. The simple words "O God" in Hindi mark the bottom of the platform at Raj Ghat (as the site is called), believed to be Gandhi's last words on being shot. Even today, visiting Raj ....Continue Reading >>
I have two abiding memories of Anzac Day – a national day celebrated in Australia and New Zealand on April 25, when the two countries remember those who fought and lost their lives in military actions involving the countries. It commemorates the specific day in 1915 when ANZAC forces landed in Gallipoli, a remote peninsula in Turkey, meeting stiff resistance from the Turkish army. Over 10,000 died ....Continue Reading >>
As Australians and New Zealanders approach Anzac Day, a day where the two countries remember and pay respects those who died at war, I recall a story of herosim from my school days. It is the story of Simpson and his donkey. In Gallipoli, a remote peninsula in Turkey, ANZAC troops were ordered to land and take out the Turkish army, a key ally of Germany in the First World War. Meeting stiff resistance ....Continue Reading >>
Only twenty kilometres from both the stunning resort town of Bled and the towering three-headed travel wonder Mount Triglav, the small village of Cerkno showcases the Yugoslav partisan ingenuity during World War Two. From early 1944 to the end of the war, a secret hospital supported the resistance movement against the occupying Italian, German and Nazi forces.Named after the remarkable physician ....Continue Reading >>
Today is the day that many Commonwealth countries (Great Britain, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, etc), France, Belgium, and others remember and pay respect to mark the end of World War One. The armistice was signed to end hostilities at the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month. In cities, towns and villages across these countries, people observe two minutes silence to recall the ....Continue Reading >>
My guidebook suggested that it would be a most humbling experience. It was still early and it was only the shortest detour from the road to Amiens and its majestic Gothic cathedral (the largest in France). It shouldn’t take long. The road ran through the gently rolling farms and fields of the Somme Valley on a sunny spring morning.I stood alone at the entrance to the Australian War Memorial and I ....Continue Reading >>
Souviens-toi! Remember! A sign at the entrance says only these words, yet says so much. The town was almost deserted. Two other couples peacefully wander the streets of this small rural village in Central France in silence. A family with two young boys languidly stroll near the church. Even the children walk quietly here. A gentle refreshing breeze rustles the surrounding trees and speaks a quiet hush ....Continue Reading >>
See Mothers' Boundless Love for a story about the Mothers of the Disappeared. ....Continue Reading >>
Is this the most extravagant monument to love? Built by the heartbroken Emperor Shan Jahan when his favourite wife (Mumtaz) died bearing her fourteenth child, this white marble Moslem mausoleum is one of the most iconic and reknown travel wonders in the world. Built by an estimated 20,000 workers over 20 years (400, 000 man hours of construction), this is a masterpiece in architectural symmetry.Ironically, ....Continue Reading >>
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