guest post by Larry JohnstonPart of Marrakech’s appeal is its mystique; behind the Atlas Mountains what lies in wait is a gateway for some unforgettable experiences in Africa’s most northerly state. Marrakech is a destination to suit many, offering a break in the sun, a cosmopolitan weekend or a short break to experience Africa. Holidays to Marrakech delight, offering equal measures of ....Continue Reading >>
The translucent seeds of the pomegranate glitter like rubies in the afternoon Moroccan sun. And nothing could refresh the body like pomegranate juice escaping after a few hours battling the hawkers, traders and crowds (and offers of mint tea) in the packed, humid, tangled labyrinthine souk in Marrakesh. Rarely sighted in Australia, pomegranates and pomegranate juice seem exotic luxuries that I was ....Continue Reading >>
At the start of every month, Travel Wonders highlights a special drink from my travels around the world. Mint Tea is a cultural tradition in Morocco served both with meals and to welcome guests. Travelling through the Saharan country several years ago, I practically lived on mint tea drinking several glasses per day. It was strangely invigorating in the humid sticky weather and gave a comforting break ....Continue Reading >>
The ancient medina in Fes (one of my African top ten) is an assault on all your senses. Narrow alleys in this walled area of the city connect souks producing and selling woodwork, leather goods and hand-made clothing, crafts and jewellery. The leather is cured and the wool and leather dyed in these huge ancient vats with various coloured potions in them. It is one of the eternal visions of this historic ....Continue Reading >>

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