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With the words “lean right back” ringing in my ears, Murphy, a towering 24 year old camel gracelessly lifts his backside in the air before unfurling his front legs and standing up. The cameleers assure us that several of their guests have speared head-first into the ochre red dirt – not a good start to a chilly pre-dawn ritual. Each rising camel is greeted with oohs and aahs as each with ....Continue Reading >>
One of the most surprising parts of Australia's Red Centre, especially when walking around Uluru (Ayers Rock) or exploring Kings Canyon is the variety and colour of wildflowers. Each seem so ideally adapted to the harsh dry heat - some have small waxy thin leaves while others hide in special rock cracks that can store watera. David Attenborough would love it all... While I can only identify one of ....Continue Reading >>
Uluru (Ayers Rock) is apparent even before the plane hits the tarmac. Clearly visible from the air, the airport and the surrounding roads, one of Australia’s most iconic sights is strangely mesmerising. Roughly triangular in shape (most expect an oval), the giant rock stand an impressive 348 metresabove the flat arid landscape and is almost ten kilometres around. To give a sense of scale, ....Continue Reading >>
Soaring over 270 metres from the red desert sands of Australia’s Red Centre, the magnitude of King Canyon’s sheer rock faces is breathtaking. Carved by water and time, the towering russet and golden walls and mysterious rounded pancake domes are accessible via a memorable half-day rim walk.After initially staggering up a natural sandstone staircase to get from the canyon floor to the ....Continue Reading >>
Complete with a lighthouse and guns to protect New Zealand from invading Russians in the late 1800s, Taiaora Head is the only mainland breeding colony of the superb Royal Albatross in the world. With around the clock protection from predators, a few dozen breeding pairs lay a lone egg every couple of years hatching in January. For eight months, the lone chick sits in their nest awaiting the ....Continue Reading >>
guest post by Katherine ScottKnown as “The Magic Isle” the Hawaiian island of Maui is home to many wonders, from spectacular beaches and waterfalls to volcanoes and migrating humpback whales. Among the most inspiring is an early-birds-only sight: the Haleakala sunrise.While you probably spot the sunrise regularly on your morning commute, chances are you’ve never seen it quite like this… ....Continue Reading >>
One of New Zealand’s finest drives is the Southern Scenic Route, a quiet, meandering road through national parks and tiny villages that encapsulates the best of New Zealand’s natural scenery. Marked by a maroon triangular sign with stylised “S”, the highlight section traverses the little travelled Catlins, a pockmarked coastal path connecting Invercargill and Dunedin. Glittering rugged ....Continue Reading >>
The coastal rocky ledge of Curio Bay was very different one hundred and seventy million years ago. In a time before birds, mammals and flowering plants (though the quirky tuatarawas well entrenched), a lush verdant forest stood proud.Soaking rains drenched the nearby volcanoes, covered with ash and debris from eruptions. The deluge turned to rivers of mud inundating, felling and drowning ....Continue Reading >>
Driving south towards the Catlins from surprising Invercargill is the South Island's most southerly point. Walking across lush pastures and past grazing sheep, a panoramic vista shows a coastline battered by the savage Southern Ocean, the roaring foriteswinds sweeping relentlessly across the rocky outcrop.Though the chilly temperatures would indicate differently, a sign shows that Slope ....Continue Reading >>
While Milford Sound shares its bountiful beauty with many thousands of visitors, slightly more southerly Doubtful Sound shares its secrets with relatively few. Ten times larger than Milford (Milford would fit into one of Doubtful’s arms – see map), Doubtful Sound is accessible only via a boat trip across the clear and gentle waters of Lake Manapouri and via a comfortable bus ride over on ....Continue Reading >>
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