guest post by Redseven LeisureA city full of quirks and diversity, Amsterdam is one of the most intriguing destinations in Europe. When it comes to what’s worth checking out in the city, there is much more worth visiting than the usual coffee bar and late night club antics. A cultural hub, the city offers a range of museum delights from small quirky ones to some of the most famous in Europe to make ....Continue Reading >>
Wandering around the Netherlands for a while and it is obvious they have a love of licorice (especially salted licorice - an acquired taste indeed). As a parallel, a popular drink is anijsmelk (literally anise milk) which is simply made by adding a couple of anise sugar cubes and a dash of honey into a glass of warm milk.Although having an aroma a little like fennel or Turkish raki, the flavour is ....Continue Reading >>
Entering the travel wonder of the Escher Museum in The Hague (Den Haag) is to enter a world of optical illusion. As much mathematics as art, M. C. Escher’s works mainly feature lithographs of impossible shapes, metamorphosing figures, imaginary worlds and strange perspectives. I knew of Escher’s works through a special mathematics display I attended many years ago and was pleased to know that Escher’s ....Continue Reading >>
A towering black man walks furtively behind me and surreptitiously whispers “hashish” in a rasping voice so deep, that another half octave lower would have ensured that only the local dogs heard the offer. Without having shaken off the effects of an overnight rail trip, and without taking more than ten paces from the platform of Amsterdam’s main rail station, I was still inside the grand 19th ....Continue Reading >>

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