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Abel Tasman National Park is one of the most alluring and beautiful natural wonders in New Zealand. On the protected and more weather-friendly side of New Zealand’s South Island, the 54 kilometre three to five-day coastal track combines lush forests with sculpted granite cliffs and pristine bays and coves fringed by golden sands. Tiny rocky islands sit enticingly offshore supporting a rich variety ....Continue Reading >>
The peaceful early morning waters of Queen Charlotte Sound is one of the most enchanting vistas among the number of channels and waterways that make up the majestic Marlborough Sounds. Long tentacles of water separated by heavily forested serrated hills pierce the ragged northern coastline of New Zealand's South Island meaning a number of tiny villages along the shoreline are only accessible by boat. ....Continue Reading >>
While the undoubted highlight of Kaikoura is seeing the mighty Sperm Whales in the coastal waters, just through the energetic main town is Point Kean, a favourite haul-out area for adult New Zealand Fur Seals (or kekeno). At any time, several large fur seals rest among the rocks relaxing after their exploits at sea but watchful of the visitors as they rock hop for the best vantage points for their ....Continue Reading >>
Last October, I was in the whale-watching capital of Kaikoura as part of The Great Crusade (article here). Bad weather limited any sea ventures to only a few hundred metres from the coastline, ruling out sightings of the sperm whale but offering the chance to see various dolphins and seabirds. Having a chance to return to Kaikoura a few months later, sunshine and a sparkling peaceful ocean means ....Continue Reading >>
The picture-perfect reflections of the Southern Alps in the slightly tannin-tainted Lake Matheson offers a preview of the wondrous, visually inspiring South Island of New Zealand. The next few weeks sees a journey, I've alliteratively titled Kiwi Kapers that circles New Zealand's larger but less populated island exploring the natural travel wonders of snow-capped mountains, sweeping glaciers, sparkling ....Continue Reading >>
Only minutes from the centre of New Zealand’s curiously bubbly capital, Zealandia is an inspiring project to restore a valley to its pre-human state. This reserve has managed to remove major introduced predators to the area with novel fencing, including rabbits, stoats, possums, mice, rats and more, allowing endangered birdlife, insects and other animals to thrive, enhancing the survival prospects ....Continue Reading >>
Wellington is a chirpy, cultural city full of fine cafes, small bars and lively character that tracks around its beautiful harbour. At night, the lights of New Zealand's diminutive capital city echo the lights from its buildings shrouded by a backdrop of sharply rising hills.I travelled as a guest of Qantas Airways on The Great Crusade, a promotion highlighting the best of travel in New Zealand while ....Continue Reading >>
When people mention wine they immediately think of France, Italy, Germany or Spain. However New Zealand rightly deserves its growing reputation for fine cool climate wines, especially crisp sauvignon blanc and mellow pinot noir. Today wine touring has become an increasing tourism attraction throughout much of the country. The Mecca of Kiwi wines (80 percent of the nation’s production) is undoubtedly ....Continue Reading >>
Majestically set as the Southern Alps approach the bay-lined coastline, Kaikoura is world famous for its marine tours. Geologically freaky, the continental shelf plunges over 2000 metres deep only a few miles offshore creating the perfect feeding grounds for the Sperm Whale. These leviathans, measuring up to 18 metres and weighing in at up to 70 tonnes, dive for up to two hours into the inky depths ....Continue Reading >>
Lewis Pass is one of just three alpine passes on the South Island of New Zealand allowing a path through the central spine of mountains that cuts the long narrow island in two. It was named after the surveyor who discovered the path through in the 1860s, though was exploited by the native Maori for many centuries before that, especially for the exchange of the valued greenstone. It provided a vital ....Continue Reading >>
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