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by Katie BauerLet’s avoid the big crowds!  Why not veer off the main path towards lesser-frequented shores?  St. Thomas’ Magens Bay is quite beautiful, but that’s no secret – which means you’ll be sharing its views with thousands of cruise ship passengers.  Take advantage of a charter yacht captain’s deft maneuvering to work your way into the Virgin Islands’ smaller coves that ....Continue Reading >>
by Carly MorsonThere is no finer city in the world to spend the Christmas holidays in than New York where you’ll find a city which embraces the festivities like no other. Captured in iconic films such as Home Alone II and Miracle on 34th Street, New York manages to make everyone feel like a child again when it comes to Christmas. Even if it’s far away from home, there are many ways of sharing ....Continue Reading >>
by Jeremy HarnellRum is thought to have first been developed in the Caribbean in the 17th Century, and it’s the people of Barbados specifically who claim to have created this iconic drink; the famous Mount Gay Distillery has been active in Barbados since 1703. Rum is made by distilling fermented sugarcane, giving it its signature sweet taste, and it comes in various forms including gold rums, ....Continue Reading >>
Named after a heroic British nurse who aided prisoners-of-war escape Belgium, the craggy beauty of Mt Edith Cavell (3,363 metres) stands proudly overlooking Jasper. Sadly a German spy tricked her into assisting him where Cavell was promptly arrested and sentenced to death for treason.Today a bumpy, precarious 14 kilometre road leads from the main highway and around 45 minutes later ....Continue Reading >>
by Caroline SimpsonWhen you exit through the west door of Montreal’s Jean-Talon metro station, when you walk away from the main road and wonder in the residential streets, you find yourself in one of the nicest parts of town. Houses are well kept, colorful, clean and stylish: You can tell that people take pride in their property. There are numerous cafés – some of them, rumor has it, serving ....Continue Reading >>
In late spring, Canada is awash with spectacular wildflowers. ....Continue Reading >>
The delightful arrow shaped town of Jasper is surrounded by glacial lakes. A meandering road through the rolling hills leads to two of the prettiest – Patricia and Pyramid Lakes. With a backdrop of snow-capped mountains, surrounded by thickets of Douglas fir and with crystal clear waters, today the two lakes make for idyllic picnic locations with panoramic vistas but during World War II, ....Continue Reading >>
Wandering the northern climes of Canada, visitors may be greeted by mysterious stone figures or inukshuk. Recently a symbol of the Vancouver Winter Olympic Games (2010) and used by the Inuit people for many hundreds of years, many temporary ones are seen around scenic areas as an acknowledgement of the beauty of nature. Each inukshuk feels like it has its own character with the shape, colour and style ....Continue Reading >>
by James DanielIf someone told you they were going to go on a large luxury ship like Princess Cruises, with swimming pools, restaurants and live entertainment available, in a setting that allowed them to visit exotic islands, with palm fringed beaches, where the pearl white sand runs between their toes, would you be envious? Chances are you would, but by booking your own cruise to the US ....Continue Reading >>
Seeking clear days to visit mountains can be one of the most frustrating travel experiences. Souvenir shops are lined with alluring photographs and postcards of the mountain in all its glory yet annoying clouds cover the peak on your visit.Just west of Jasper National Park, Mount Robson towers almost 4,000 metres, the highest peak in the Canadian Rockies. Peering across a grassy meadow ....Continue Reading >>
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