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For many millions of years, the Old Man of the Mountain stared unflinchingly across Franconia Notch (a few miles north of the superb Flume Gorge) perched precariously on an upper granite wall, almost 400 metres from the base of the gorge. The Old Man had the enigmatic look of a craggy Mona Lisa, neither smiling nor frowning. His fixed gaze oversaw a park full of great walking trails, fine forests, ....Continue Reading >>
In the heart of the virtual capital city of the technology-rich Silicon Valley, San Jose, with its miles and miles of functional characterless modern IT buildings sits a bizarre anachronistic house built over 100 years ago. Belonging to Sarah Winchester, wife of the famous rifle maker William Winchester, this haunting (and haunted) mansion, set in superb gardens, took over 38 years to construct (working ....Continue Reading >>
This most majestic brown bear is caught in a reflective moment in the spectacular Misty Fjords National Monument of South-East Alaska.Other Bear PostsBears, Crabs and Eagles on the African QueenFeeding Frenzy (Alaska)Top Ten Wildlife Travel WondersOther Recent Wildlife PhotosMountain GorillasToucanMarmotOsprey ....Continue Reading >>
Tombstone lies in the south-west of the United States not far from the Mexican border. With only a population of 1500 people, it still dines out on its most famous incident with the gunfight at the O.K. Corral. Indeed, you can be photographed with the main characters from this gunfight (for a fee of course!). Though far more sedate, its main street still has many reminders of those times with its dusty ....Continue Reading >>
Through autumn or fall, the forests of America's New England and parts of Canada are cloaked in a blazing palette of reds, oranges, yellows, golds and mauves. Through Vermont, this kaleidoscope of colour is highlighted in the Green Mountain National Forest which runs like a rugged backbone through the centre of the state, while in New Hampshire, the White Mountains and the Kancamagus Highway are the ....Continue Reading >>
The hoary marmot, a species of ground squirrel, likes nothing more than to bask in the sun. You can't get more relaxed than the one pictured above! They are a photographer's dream as they don't seem to be afraid of humans, typically going about their business even when people are around. They live in the hills of Alaska, western Canada and the northern-west part of mainland USA. They make a trademark ....Continue Reading >>
It was a chilly February afternoon and the wonderful Bryce National Park was virtually devoid of people. But the late afternoon light left a fantastic contrast of the reds and oranges of these strange rock formations (called hoodoos) with the white snow. It was also the only chance in my life that I got to go snow-shoeing, a weird sensation like walking on giant tennis rackets. It is exhausting but ....Continue Reading >>
Banff National Park contains some of the world's most stunning scenery. The Rockies are a wonderful backdrop for thunderous waterfalls, glacial lakes and superb wildlife. Johnston Canyon, just north of Banff, provides a scenic three kilometre (0.6 miles) walk through the chasm and past a series of waterfalls. The best two falls are the uninterestingly named Lower Falls (top photo) and Upper Falls (bottom ....Continue Reading >>
It was minus fifteen outside but this is one of the world’s great travel wonders. I can’t recall if that was Fahrenheit or Celsius but it doesn’t really matter when it is that cold. Such temperatures are simply never experienced in my home town in Australia. I was half asleep wrapped in a cosy blanket in my cabin. The alarm had just gone off and it was still dark outside. Should I just sleep ....Continue Reading >>
I slurp the last vestiges of meat from a fresh (and I mean fresh) crab claw, feet up and reclining back as the last energies of the sun expire into the mist of this Alaskan wonderland. The silence is only broken by the gentle lapping of water into the towering granite walls and against the boats sides. A lone brown bear continues grazing on the nutritious sedges and grasses of the foreshore. Bald eagles ....Continue Reading >>
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