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The journey along the Icefield Parkway starts here.Less than five kilometres into Jasper National Park along the Icefield Parkway is the highlight of the entire scenic stretch. As a remnant of the last ice age covering 325 square kilometres and depths of up to 350 metres, Columbia Icefield is preserved by cold temperatures, higher elevation and lots of snow. Sandwiched among some of the ....Continue Reading >>
Two extra photos from the southern half of the Icefield Parkway, one of the world's finest drives. ....Continue Reading >>
The 230 kilometres of Icefield Parkway curls its way along the spine of the Rockies. Connecting the tiny gem of Lake Louise with its famed chateau and glorious lakes and the ski town and national park of Jasper, the road teems with gushing waterfalls, stunning mountain vistas of craggy peaks and vividly coloured glacial lakes. Every bend seemingly unveils a stunning new view as the road connects ....Continue Reading >>
Standing like guards over the milky waters in a bend of the Bow River, the Hoodoos jut out of the surrounding forests. Accessed off Tunnel Mountain Drive and protected by a cap of hard rock, the spires are carved by water and wind over 1000s of years.Banff Vacations ....Continue Reading >>
by Jamie KingIf your idea of a luxury hotel is one where they leave a chocolate on the pillow and give you a pair of disposable slippers to wear then you haven't experienced the opulence of some of the world's most expensive hotel rooms. Far from stretching to a couple of hundred pounds a night, these unimaginably expensive rooms can cost the price of a decent four-by-four for just one night's ....Continue Reading >>
Among wildflower fields of the Rockies, bright red splotches of colour are often the alluringly named Indian Paint Brush plants. The North American Indians used the plant as both a source of ood and as a medicine with the scarlet plant also being Wyoming's state flower. ....Continue Reading >>
Just south of the superb Rockies national parks, Canmore acts as a popular gateway to the spectacular sights of Banff, Jasper, Yoho and Kootenay National Parks. South of Canmore is Kananaskis Country – a sprawling area of provincial parks, outdoor recreation, mountains and wilderness.Far less travelled than its famous neighbouring national parks, Kananaskis Country is a worthwhile diversion ....Continue Reading >>
The Columbian Ground Squirrel spends around 230 days of each year asleep but in the remaining third of year manages to reproduce, pack on enough weight to let the hibernation happen, store some food away for when it wakes up and build a burrow with separate sleeping quarters. Territorial and living in colonies (or scurries), it is highly addictive watching them run around or perch on their hind legs ....Continue Reading >>
With its rugged landscapes, wildlife, a towering waterfall, fascinating fossil beds, numerous walking trails and aquamarine lakes, Yoho National Park is a less visited gem sandwiched between Kootenay National Park and Lake Louise. Named for the Cree term for amazement, Yoho makes for a wonderful one day excursion through the western slopes of the Rockies.As if marking the entrance to the ....Continue Reading >>
Vermillion Lakes, just outside Banff, are a series of lakes forming an impressive wetlands for a large variety of birdlife and animals. The omnipresent Mt Rundle leaves a perfect reflection on a picture-perfect Rockies morning. ....Continue Reading >>
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