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guest post by Daisy HatamiAdventure holidays are becoming increasingly popular for everyone as more tour operators and holiday destinations are accommodating people of varying abilities. As individuals we are all unique and all have different requirements when going on holiday. Researching properly before travelling abroad to ensure that the activities you wish to take part in are available ....Continue Reading >>
guest post by Vicky AnscombeYour Gap Year is probably going to be the most exciting year of your life - and it’s vital that you plan it properly, to make sure that you have the most amount of fun humanly possible. If you’re from Europe and you fancy setting off for somewhere far from home that’ll offer you unrivalled adventures, we recommend that you choose Canada. Travel is never cheap, ....Continue Reading >>
guest post by Katherine ScottKnown as “The Magic Isle” the Hawaiian island of Maui is home to many wonders, from spectacular beaches and waterfalls to volcanoes and migrating humpback whales. Among the most inspiring is an early-birds-only sight: the Haleakala sunrise.While you probably spot the sunrise regularly on your morning commute, chances are you’ve never seen it quite like this… ....Continue Reading >>
by Leslie ToWhy do we love Hawaii so much? For one, it’s absolutely beautiful, but it’s not just the lovely surroundings that entice us all to make the trek. The distinct characteristics and personalities of each island within the chain are so diverse and unique, how visitors spend time there is as varied as the people themselves. In short, the 50th state offers about as many ways to vacation ....Continue Reading >>
guest post by Lauren WilliamsThe art of the Great American Road Trip has been lost in translation over the years – driving from A to B used to be an affair to remember, a whimsical adventure that would see you saying farewell to your loved ones for weeks, maybe even months, on end. Now, the 21st century has seen the rise in wanting to get to any said destination right now. Why would you want to take ....Continue Reading >>
by Great Vacation RetreatsThe island of Kauai, of one of the main islands in the Hawaiian archipelago, is noted for its jugged mountains, palm fringed beaches, and beautiful tropical scenery. For those that enjoy outdoor exploration, Kauai offers many exceptional hikes. An especially enjoyable and unique activity is combining hiking and swimming. There's nothing quite like cooling off with a ....Continue Reading >>
by The Traveler ZoneIn case you would like to have a busy nightlife, go scuba diving, eat lobster and relax in a hammock under a palm tree, then it is the Caribbean that you have been looking for. But since the region is made of numerous islands, which one should you choose to make the best of your trip?You want to dine?In case you are looking for a special culinary experience, you should ....Continue Reading >>
guest post by Nazeli K. Kyuregyan The Latin motto splendor sine occasu suits perfectly the most exciting Canadian province. Let its natural gems inspire your soul while its vibrant cities conquer your mind. Splendid NatureIncredibly naturally gifted, British Columbia is venerated by adventurers from all around the world. Whether you are a skier, snowboarded, free-climber, hiker, cave-explorer, animal ....Continue Reading >>
by Leslie To, Aqua ResortsHawaii has long been the getaway for those seeking to witness the superbly sublime--a type of natural beauty that startles the mind with its breathtaking profundity and serenity. With the soothing tumble of the Pacific's rolling waves providing a marvelous score, Hawaii provides an outlet for experiences unlike anywhere else on the planet. Whether you're looking to take ....Continue Reading >>
This lone male elk, resplendent with its fine antlers, contentedly munches juicy grasses. Grazing on the verge of the main highway just outside the stunning Rockies town of Jasper, little traffic probably interrupts this elk in the early hours (one of the best times to see wildlife). While initially a little suspicious of me as shown in this photo, he soon returns to his feeding relaxed that I was ....Continue Reading >>

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