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by Exsus Luxury Holidays and HoneymoonsThe great rainforest sitting in the Amazon River basin is the largest in the world. It edges into six countries – Brazil, Colombia, Bolivia, Venezuela, Ecuador and Peru – over 2.7 million square miles. Despite on-going logging and destruction of this amazing habitat, it remains one of the world’s last truly wild spaces. Filled with wildlife and ....Continue Reading >>
The La Compañía de Jesús (Jesuit) Church rivals the Cusco Cathedral in its beauty, both sitting on the Incan capital's main square. This church which looks superb with its night lighting replaced the reportedly resplendent Incan leader's palace. Both feature Christian and local artworks including the cathedral's quirky Last Supper where the main feast is guinea pig.Cusco Vacations ....Continue Reading >>
In 1995, two scientists stumbled upon a grisly find near the summit of a Peruvian mountain. A young teenage girl had been sacrificed to the Inca Gods some five hundred years ago. Buried by Inca priests and well preserved by the harsh icy conditions, Juanita has helped scientists discover details of this remarkably advanced civilisation. Juanita, christened the Inca Ice Maiden (or la niña de los hielos), ....Continue Reading >>
It was one hundred years ago when a young American Yale student Hiram Bingham, guided by locals arrived at Machu Picchu and discovered and unveiled this iconic location to the outside world. Over the years, Bingham cleared four centuries of growth, mapping and studying the site and solving some of the mysteries of this advanced civilisation.Strings of special events are planned to celebrate the special ....Continue Reading >>
Relaxing in the monastery courtyard gardens looking over the San Francisco Monastery, the complex immediately strikes as architecturally as beautiful as most European churches. There is little surprise that it is recorded on UNESCO’s World Heritage list and is one of Lima’s finest travel wonders. The complex has two main areas - the church with its squat towers and superb carved central portal; ....Continue Reading >>
Around 250 kilometres south of Lima is the wonderful nature reserve of the Ballestas Islands. Thousands of seabirds fight for their tiny piece of real estate on the off-shore islands. Protected for conservation reasons, visitors cannot disembark on the islands and the only access is an inexpensive and excellent organised boat tour.On the way is the unusual and perplexing giant rock formation of the ....Continue Reading >>
The photo of the week shows an exceptional example of the simply, extraordinary mortarless masonry skills of the Incas. The twelve-sided Hatunrumiyoc stone is part of an Incan palace and later the Archbishop's Palace and is a short walk up a small street off the main square of world heritage-listed Cusco. As claimed, I couldn't get the blade of my pocket-knife into any gap around the perfect stonework. ....Continue Reading >>
Particularly popular in the highlands and Andes mountains of the travel wonder of Peru, coca tea provokes some controversy and reaction. Simply made by adding hot (but not boiling) water to a handful of coca leaves, the drink has the grassy botanical taste of many herbal teas with the slight bitterness of traditional green tea.To listen to a local, the tea takes on the medicinal qualities of Tiger ....Continue Reading >>
To establish European thinking and religious beliefs with the indigenous Indian population three hundred years ago, the Spanish built a modest mud-brick and wooden church on the site of an old Incan temple in a small village about forty kilometres south of Cusco. Arriving late in the afternoon in dull light, the church certainly didn’t inspire any wonder, and I wished I’d stayed on the bus to Cusco. ....Continue Reading >>
Nazca would remain off the map of all but the most intrepid travellers except for the mystifying Nazca Lines. Once in Nazca, there are two more far less known but still remarkable travel wonders to explore, namely the Nazcan aqueducts and the Chauchilla Cemetery.Scattered across the arid lunar landscape are thousands of graves, most of which have been recently discovered and looted of pottery, weavings ....Continue Reading >>
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