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When visiting European cathedrals, visitors are often extolled to look up to observe the detailed architecture, sweeping arches, glorious frescoes and glittering stained glass windows. The elegant Gothic exterior of Siena Cathedral in striking black and white stripes gives cause for an impressive cathedral visit but doesn’t remotely prepare a visitor for the staggeringly beautiful interior. This ....Continue Reading >>
Assisi Part One can be found here.While St Francis dominates the mood of Assisi, Roman history is strongly in evidence as well. Walking east from St Francis Basilica, Piazza del Comune was once the Roman forum with the superb colonnades of Temple of Minerva looking out onto the square. Some of the neighbouring shops have basements that you can sneak into to view remains of Roman buildings. Indeed, ....Continue Reading >>
Despite the crowds, the hilltop town of Assisi has a tranquil feel suited to its pious history. Except for electricity wires and the whir of cameras, it is easy to assume that you could stroll past the introspective brown-robed figure of St Francis shuffling the medieval cobbled laneways of Assisi. The Catholic pilgrimagetown includes a rich Roman history and fine medieval fortress making for a ....Continue Reading >>
Bulging from the meandering Rhine, Lake Constance (Bodensee) is a scenic central European marine tri-border between Germany, Switzerland and Austria. With a shoreline littered with castles and churches and historic towns, the lake is rich in cultural pickings.More palatial than religious in appearance, Birnau Basilica stands majestically on an isolated headland overlooking the lake. Regally ....Continue Reading >>
Hand-painted on calfskin vellum, the Hereford Mappa Mundi is the world's largest medieval map. Created in the very late 1200s the map has spent its entire life in Hereford Cathedral surviving fire, flood, theft, various battles and world wars to present to today's visitors a mesmerising detail of the world as it was understood at the time.Measuring around 1.6 x 1.3 metres, the cloth of the world is ....Continue Reading >>
The La Compañía de Jesús (Jesuit) Church rivals the Cusco Cathedral in its beauty, both sitting on the Incan capital's main square. This church which looks superb with its night lighting replaced the reportedly resplendent Incan leader's palace. Both feature Christian and local artworks including the cathedral's quirky Last Supper where the main feast is guinea pig.Cusco Vacations ....Continue Reading >>
Note: Check out a visit to the Tian Tan Big Buddha for the first part of this journey.Despite staggering up and down 268 steps in sweltering Hong Kong humidity to enjoy the sight of Tian Tan Big Buddha at close range, a visit to the Wisdom Path is warranted. Separate from the Po Lin Monastery and only a short walk away past a teahouse, the path is marked by 38 wooden poles in the shape of an infinity ....Continue Reading >>
The southern Swedish town of Lund buzzes with a bohemian university atmosphere that permeates its medieval streets. Packed into a few streets are an array of museums, a grand cathedral and a fine collection of preserved Swedish buildings from the past.The spires of the grey monochromatic cathedral (built during Danish rule) tower above the town. The exterior of the cathedral is decorated with an array ....Continue Reading >>
Over the centuries, pilgrims crawled up the 216 stairs on their knees to view and pray for a buried saint and a remarkable statue in this cliff-bound travel wonder. Today, bus-loads of “camera pilgrims” crowd the small hamlet of Rocamadour, shop enthusiastically at the throng of market stalls and take a private lift to even avoid expending energy walking. From the nearby vantage points, Rocamadour ....Continue Reading >>
Where is the biggest church in the world?St. Peters in the Vatican seems a likely guess. Maybe somewhere else in Italy? Milan? Venice? Spain and Portugal have some huge cathedrals. Maybe Canterbury, seat of the head of the Church of England. There are some big churches in Mexico and South America with their strong Catholic populations. The cathedrals in New York and Washington DC are gigantic too.The ....Continue Reading >>
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