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by Exsus Luxury Holidays and HoneymoonsThe great rainforest sitting in the Amazon River basin is the largest in the world. It edges into six countries – Brazil, Colombia, Bolivia, Venezuela, Ecuador and Peru – over 2.7 million square miles. Despite on-going logging and destruction of this amazing habitat, it remains one of the world’s last truly wild spaces. Filled with wildlife and ....Continue Reading >>
Every second day at 10:00am for around half an hour, an impressive Changing of the Guard ceremony takes place in front of the Presidential Palace (La Moneda Palace) in the centre of zesty Santiago. It is quite a spectacle - a brass band, soldiers with swords and rifles, yelled instructions, precision marching and lots of ceremonial goings-on.Santiago Vacations ....Continue Reading >>
guest post by Swoop PatagoniaFor those more adventurous souls out there a few weeks inter-railing around Europe might seem a little tame. But don't worry, the world might have shrunk but it has not lost all its mystery yet: Patagonia is a totally unique region of the world, a sparsely populated, prehistoric landscape that beckons a challenge and promises majesty.A seven day trek with ....Continue Reading >>
Every Saturday morning Otavalo awakens from its week long slumber to launch a giant market bazaar selling crafts of all descriptions along with animals, meat, vegetables, fruit, grains and hardware. A similar market has been conducted for a remarkable four thousand years providing a central meeting point for Indian villages from miles around. A cacophony of sounds from the noises of frenzied trading ....Continue Reading >>
guest post by Rachel McCombieEnigmatic Easter Island lies in the South Pacific, some five hours off the coast of Chile. It’s said to be the most isolated inhabited place on Earth, giving it an aura of inaccessibility which belies the fact that, thanks to regular commercial flights, a trip to this evocative island is by no means limited just to the most intrepid travellers.Though the sheer mission ....Continue Reading >>
With the snow-capped craggy mountains, glistening glacial lakes, dark verdant forests and stellar panoramic vistas, the lake district of Argentina is like a wild Switzerland. While cycling Circuito Chico from San Carlos de Bariloche captures some of the beauty, the twisting drive along the innocently named RP234.More typically known as The Seven Lakes Route or the poetic Ruta de Las Siete Lagos (do ....Continue Reading >>
More alpine European than South American, I could have easily thought I’d accidentally wandered into a Swiss village. With its enviable location, San Carlos de Bariloche snuggles up to the majestic Nahuel Haupi Lake though the drizzling rain and fading light hid the amphitheatre of snow-capped mountains and glistening glacial lakes.Bariloche must be the cavity capital of the world. With a main square ....Continue Reading >>
It was one hundred years ago when a young American Yale student Hiram Bingham, guided by locals arrived at Machu Picchu and discovered and unveiled this iconic location to the outside world. Over the years, Bingham cleared four centuries of growth, mapping and studying the site and solving some of the mysteries of this advanced civilisation.Strings of special events are planned to celebrate the special ....Continue Reading >>
Sitting in a quiet bar overlooking the dazzling vista of Iguazu Falls, I can hardly imagine a more refreshing drink than a Brazilian caipirinha. Simply mash small chunks of lime and sugar together in a glass. Add lots of ice and a special distilled sugar-cane alcohol called cachaça and the drink is complete. The same drink is also made using other tangy fruits including lemons and passionfruit.The ....Continue Reading >>
Relaxing in the monastery courtyard gardens looking over the San Francisco Monastery, the complex immediately strikes as architecturally as beautiful as most European churches. There is little surprise that it is recorded on UNESCO’s World Heritage list and is one of Lima’s finest travel wonders. The complex has two main areas - the church with its squat towers and superb carved central portal; ....Continue Reading >>
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