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UNESCO-listed and one of the New Seven Wonders of the World, the “lost city of the Incas” at Machu Picchu (Old Mountain) is simply one of the world’s greatest treasures (and my number one South American wonder). It setting of over 150 buildings constructed across a verdant Andean saddle along with a feeling of mystery and awe, it is one of the world's most uplifting and haunting travel wonders. ....Continue Reading >>
See part one for details of the first two days of trekking the Peruvian travel wonder of the Inca Trail.Day Three is the longest trekking day (around 16 kilometres or ten miles) but it is mainly downhill over uneven ground (which is surprisingly hard on sore legs) and in many ways is the main highlight of the trek (apart from Machu Picchu itself). The trail passes some majestic Incan ruins. Sayaqmarka ....Continue Reading >>
Our small group is half way through day two and we reach the high point of our Camino Inca trek on the evocatively named Dead Woman’s Pass (trail map). Breathing heavily in the rarefied air at 4,200 metres, our spirits lifted when we discovered that this was the highest point in our walk. Three hours earlier, most of us were regretting signing up for this famous four day venture to the Incan “lost ....Continue Reading >>
Our small group had walked for an hour in extreme humidity and climbed a rickety, wooden tower to be at the height of the tree-tops. We'd been standing around for a further hour with little activity when a toucan fluttered into a far branch. The photo is taken at maximum zoom, scanned in and then zoomed some more with Photoshop, which makes it a little bit hazy. But the excitement of seeing this most ....Continue Reading >>
From the beautiful Spanish colonial city of Arequipa, the mini-tour promises a short journey to a canyon twice as deep as the Grand Canyon and with magnificent condors in full flight. I tend to dislike tours but some locations are much easier to see that way.A few hours into the trip through the bleak Peruvian altiplano on rugged roads and reaching a lung-busting 4,800 metres (15,000 feet) above sea ....Continue Reading >>
This entry represents my top five South American travel wonders list. Numbers six to ten of the South American travel wonders appear here.South America holds a staggering array of travel wonders both natural and cultural. Boasting the world’s greatest rainforest, the world’s most spectacular waterfall, the world’s highest waterfall, the world’s greatest river, cosmopolitan cities and remarkable ....Continue Reading >>
This entry covers the South American travel wonders ranked six to ten. Please read the top five list first.6. Patagonia / Torres del Paine (Argentina / Chile)Jagged mountain peaks, azure-blue lakes, cascading waterfalls and thick glaciers provide an alluring outdoor experience to those wandering into the southern reaches of the American continent.7. AndesSnaking around 8000 kilometres (5000 miles) ....Continue Reading >>
Chiselled through the steep-sided travel wonder of the Yungas Mountains in Bolivia, the rough one-lane road from shrouded La Cumbre (at a lung-bursting 4700 metres above sea level) to Corioco (at a tropical 1100 metres) is variously described as the World’s Most Dangerous Road and El Camino de al Muerte (the Road of Death). There is supposedly a death every week or so.With fog, rain, mud, dust, no ....Continue Reading >>
Straddling Peru and Bolivia, the travel wonder of Lake Titicaca (with an area of over 8,000 square kilometres or 3,000 square miles) lies at a oxygen-deprived 3,800 metres above sea-level (12,500 feet) making any activity for a visitor beyond a slow stroll quite a feat of endurance. For hundreds of years, the Uros people have lived peacefully on a handful of small islands made solely of reeds dotted ....Continue Reading >>
See Mothers' Boundless Love for a story about the Mothers of the Disappeared. ....Continue Reading >>
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