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by James BrewerThe stunning beach resort of Benidorm can be found in the Costa Blanca region of Spain. Benidorm holidays are perfect for tourists who want to experience spectacular sunsets, fantastic beaches, thriving nightlife and so much more. Read on to discover why Benidorm is one of the most popular destinations in the whole of Spain.Beautiful beachesBenidorm boasts a total of five ....Continue Reading >>
by Paul JacksonOne of the nice things about Spain is that it's different tourist accommodation possibilities from other countries because they have their unique Spanish paradors. These are state-owned accommodations that are typically historical converted residences and places of cultural interest that have been turned into the equivalent of a hostel, guesthouse or hotel. Often they are quite luxuriously ....Continue Reading >>
by Lloyd John2014 is set to be a big year in Majorca. Even with the global economic downturn, the island experienced a great year in terms of tourism, will millions of holidaymakers flooding the island during the summer season. Perfect for families, couples and singletons alike, Majorca has matured from a cheap and cheerful last minute holiday destination to one of the Mediterranean’s most ....Continue Reading >>
by John RobertsonEveryone loves sunshine and a warm climate so where could be better than a destination that enjoys both, pretty much all year round? Known for its stunning coastline, looming mountains and vibrant culture, Tenerife is not only the largest but also the most popular of the Canary Islands. Along with the rest of the Canary Islands, Tenerife often has the perceived image of the ....Continue Reading >>
by Malwina GudowskaSpain’s varied landscape and its choose-your-own-adventure allure make it one of the most enthralling destinations for travellers to explore. The result is many of the cities are overrun and crowded by eager tourists hoping to discover every last bit of the country’s charm. But for those of us who prefer a slower pace of travel and a quieter vacation, Spain also offers plenty ....Continue Reading >>
Like many children growing up, I spent a lot of time playing handball against a local school or park wall. The culturally independent Basque area (with a most mysterious language unlike any other I've heard) located in the southwest of France and northwest of Spain have turned this game into the remarkable sport of pelota (literally ball in Spanish). Like a cross between handball, squash and tennis ....Continue Reading >>
Beaches, Mediterranean sun and quality vino: these are the things for which Malaga is, best known. This famous Spanish port town has a lot more to offer than that, though, as we discovered on our trip last summer. In fact, attractions and historic sites make it the perfect location for combining beach life with culture. If you get the option, Malaga airport transfers are quick and easy, and it would ....Continue Reading >>
Throughout history, large walls surrounded many cities to protect their citizens and leaders from siege and attack. Sadly, most of these city walls have gone either torn down by attackers, removed by cities to allow expansion or simply taken apart to provide building materials for more useful buildings.Spain has an impressive number of cities whose complete (or near-complete) city walls (or muralla) ....Continue Reading >>
guest post by Thomas Lukjaniec Countless numbers of tourists flock to Barcelona each year to catch a glimpse of world famous sights and landmarks such as the Sagrada Familia, Las Ramblas and the Camp Nou. This often leads to swarms of tourists clogging up the city centre (especially during the summer months) and ignoring the many wonderful things there are to see and do that are just a stone’s ....Continue Reading >>
guest post by Mohamed KhazmaDazzling away in the Mediterranean sun, the island of Ibiza is home to hedonists. Four months in a year Ibiza is turned into a clubber's paradise, it holds its status to date as the world's best clubbing destination. Trapping the biggest parties in the world into one location is a virtue of insanity, but it somehow manages to keep order and sustain its worldwide reputation. ....Continue Reading >>
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