Working in Sweden briefly in late winter some years ago, I was delighted to stumble across the high speed skilled sport of bandy. Thinking it was ice hockey at first sight, the game is actually much closer to football (soccer) on ice in its ways. Played outdoors on a frozen football field (so much much larger than an ice hockey rink), play is a little less aggressive (and the players less padded) than ....Continue Reading >>
Fresh from seeing the brooding Lund Cathedral and its stunning astronomical clock, a block east is a superb collection of historic Swedish buildings over two city blocks. Kulturen was the brainchild of Georg Karlin. On seeing the death of old farming practices through mechanisation and the gradual migration of people from the rural villages to the towns and cities in the late 1800s, Karlin made a determined ....Continue Reading >>
The southern Swedish town of Lund buzzes with a bohemian university atmosphere that permeates its medieval streets. Packed into a few streets are an array of museums, a grand cathedral and a fine collection of preserved Swedish buildings from the past.The spires of the grey monochromatic cathedral (built during Danish rule) tower above the town. The exterior of the cathedral is decorated with an array ....Continue Reading >>
Like a rustic treasure-hunt or a tale from Middle Earth, enthusiasts track the bright yellow “N” markers painted on trees from the tiny pastel-coloured fishing of Arild. With no official signs and a bit of a scramble down rough rocky stone stairs, this short trek in Sweden’s south-west has a real feeling of adventure. But the prize at the end makes the rough path worthwhile – a chance to ....Continue Reading >>
Today, the Vasa, the world’s only surviving 17th century ship, is visited by over one million people per year in its own five storey building on a Stockholm island. Similar interested crowds gathered to witness its grand launch in 1628 for battles against Poland, including the king of Sweden and numerous dignitaries. Imagine the shock as the pride of the Swedish armada, the royal flagship Vasa, sailed ....Continue Reading >>
Fifty-nine huge sandstone boulders in the shape of a large ship stand proudly in a grassy green headland that pokes into the chilly waters of the Baltic Sea in the southern-most part of Sweden. Scientists are undecided as to the real purpose or timing of these rocks but the most popular theories suggest a construction date of around 500 – 600 A.D. just before the start of the Viking period. Some ....Continue Reading >>

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