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by Jamie KingIndian railway networks are some of the largest in the world, with certain areas of track running for over 71,000 miles through 7,500 stations. As of December 2012, Indian railways carried over 25 million people every day, and nearly 9 billion on an annual basis. Most of these passengers were travelling from the suburbs to the cities; however, many of the trains that run on ....Continue Reading >>
As a sightseeing train, the Taieri Gorge Train carves and rollicks its way over 130 year old iron viaducts and through spectacular plunging gorges and verdant farming lands, reliving trips that first started in the 1870s.It departs from palatial Dunedin Railway Station which perches on the edge of town in resplendent black and white stone, surrounded by elegant gardens and crowned with ....Continue Reading >>
guest post by Paul of Look TrainsTrains are one of the most romantic ways to travel, because they offer not only comfort and, some of them, even luxury, but also the opportunity to enjoy amazing landscapes as no other means of transportation. Thus, the beauty of the sights, the charm of the restless, diverse train stations and comfort combined make these railways the best in the world.1. Glacier ExpressOne ....Continue Reading >>
One of the finest day trips in Europe can be made via five forms of transport from Switzerland’s picturesque city of Lucerne to the forbidding peak of Pilatus. Named after Pontius Pilate, legend dictates that Pontius Pilate went into exile and committed suicide after the trial of Jesus Christ and had his body dumped into a mountain lake on Pilatus. In medieval times, it was strictly forbidden to ....Continue Reading >>
Around 100 humid kilometers north of Bangkok is the bridge made famous by the film The Bridge Over the River Kwai. Kanchanaburi is the site of the Burma-Siam Railway Bridge built by prisoners of the Japanese in World War 2 under forced labour conditions. Today’s idyllic tropical setting (and even the movie) belies the appalling privations, random punishments, disease, meagre food and atrocities along ....Continue Reading >>
guest post by Titan HiToursA vibrant labyrinth of culture and colour, New York is the ideal location to begin the epic adventure of coast-to-coast rail tours. When you’re done shopping along Fifth Avenue and taking a cosmopolitan stroll through Central Park, view the cityscape from the towering heights of the Empire State Building (where Tom Hanks or King Kong may be waiting, depending on your luck). ....Continue Reading >>
Chamonix is the heart of the French Alps. Sitting below the towering peak of western Europe’s highest mountain, Mont Blanc, serrated saw-edged mountains and sweeping glaciers dominate the mind-blowing alpine scenery. Two wonderful half day journeys (both requiring good weather) help experience the wondrous alpine splendour and extraordinary panoramas without having to strap on a ski or snowboard. ....Continue Reading >>
Travelling north in Finland, the train crosses the Arctic Circle, an imaginary line at 66° 33′ 39″ north of the equator. All places north of this magical line receives at least one day of 24-hour sun and at least one day where the sun does not lift above the horizon at all. The travel wonder of Rovaniemi is fortuitously situated near the Arctic Circle and takes full advantage of its location. ....Continue Reading >>
A small bright yellow train with cherry red trim has meandered its way through the French Catalan Pyrenees in the Languedoc Roussillon region near the Spanish border, connecting remote and isolated mountain villages for over 100 years. Popular with travellers, le train jaune tracks through dramatic alpine scenery over towering bridges, tunnels gouged through the mountains and a number of viaducts.The ....Continue Reading >>
Read Part One of the journey down Devil's Nose firstly.Along the platform, enthusiastic street vendors parade a wide variety of food and drink to sate empty and dry bodies. Small kids dance along the train’s roof with the aplomb of Russian circus performers balancing trays of tasty morsels and shuffling currency with the flair of a central banker. No-one leaves their seat on the roof for fear of ....Continue Reading >>
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