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The villages and towns of Germany's Black Forest feature many half-timbered buildings (or fachwerkhäuser in German) including this beauty in Alpirsbach.With only 6500 people, Alpirsbach includes a 900-year old historic monastery/church and a superb brewery. The brewery is well worth visiting with an excellent museum detailing the history intimately attached to the monastery. In medieval ....Continue Reading >>
Despite its French sounding name, Gressoney-Saint-Jean is Italian in feel and sits in the valley below the majestic peaks of Matterhorn (called Monte Cervino by the Italians) and Monte Rosa (literally Mt Pink), Switzerland's highest mountain. ....Continue Reading >>
Scenically located in the centre of the Thiou Canal, the striking wedge-shaped Palais D'Isle (literally Island Palace) is a highlight of the lively French Alps town of Annecy. Perched on a lake and interwoven with canals, Annecy's castle was built in 1132 and has variously been a palace, administrative centre, court, mint and jail. Today it acts as a museum and happily welcomes visitors. Annecy Vacations ....Continue Reading >>
In late spring, Canada is awash with spectacular wildflowers. ....Continue Reading >>
At the end of the superb Maligne Lake Drive, a deer keeps a cautious eye out for groups of people wandering nearby.Jasper Vacations ....Continue Reading >>
While the highlights of Jasper surround the town on the various roads into the mountains and lakes areas, the town itself is welcoming to visitors. Packed to the gills in summer, the area has colourful streets, a large park area in the centre of town and plenty of reasonable places to eat and recover from the day's exploring.Jasper Vacations ....Continue Reading >>
Jasper has an excellent reputation for wildlife sightings. Driving into Jasper along the Icefield Parkway, it lives up to its reputation before actually arriving in the town. A gang (the correct collective name - thank you Google) of elk - a mixture of females and youngsters (calves) - lay resting and munching on the lush grass. In the couple of days in and around Jasper, gangs of elk are fairly typical, ....Continue Reading >>
Two extra photos from the southern half of the Icefield Parkway, one of the world's finest drives. ....Continue Reading >>
The wondrous time of spring... ....Continue Reading >>
Standing like guards over the milky waters in a bend of the Bow River, the Hoodoos jut out of the surrounding forests. Accessed off Tunnel Mountain Drive and protected by a cap of hard rock, the spires are carved by water and wind over 1000s of years.Banff Vacations ....Continue Reading >>
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