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Among wildflower fields of the Rockies, bright red splotches of colour are often the alluringly named Indian Paint Brush plants. The North American Indians used the plant as both a source of ood and as a medicine with the scarlet plant also being Wyoming's state flower. ....Continue Reading >>
The Columbian Ground Squirrel spends around 230 days of each year asleep but in the remaining third of year manages to reproduce, pack on enough weight to let the hibernation happen, store some food away for when it wakes up and build a burrow with separate sleeping quarters. Territorial and living in colonies (or scurries), it is highly addictive watching them run around or perch on their hind legs ....Continue Reading >>
Vermillion Lakes, just outside Banff, are a series of lakes forming an impressive wetlands for a large variety of birdlife and animals. The omnipresent Mt Rundle leaves a perfect reflection on a picture-perfect Rockies morning. ....Continue Reading >>
The summer yak camp of Na high in Nepal's Rolwaling Valley (on a crisp early spring morning) sits in an amphitheatre of superb Himalayan peaks inlcuding the steep and fluted Chobutse (Tsobutse), which stands at 6,690 metres. ....Continue Reading >>
Fringed by Australian eucalyptus (gum) trees, the lake (replete with elegant swans) reflects the classical domed Roman rotunda with its curved colonnades (called the Palace of Fine Arts) and represents one of the most idyllic and relaxing locations in San Francisco. Initially built as a highlight of San Francisco's 1915 Exposition to celebrate the city's recovery from the devastating 1906 earthquake, ....Continue Reading >>
A discussion over a weekend coffee bought me to hunt down this old travel photo from Helsinki in Finland. This dated scanned image shows a fine bronze statue of Paavo Nurmi, the Flying Finn outside the Helsinki Olympic Stadium (for the 1952 games where Nurmi lit the flame).Paavo Nurmi is a Finnish hero winning nine Olympic gold medals and three silver medals across three Olympic Games in middle ....Continue Reading >>
It is like a public transport version of Where's Wally (Where's Waldoin US-speak).Problem: All the minibuses (matatu) or share taxis look the same, have little or no signage and are travelling to diverse places all over Uganda from Kampala's suburbs to across the country.Challenge: Finding the correct matatu going to where you want to go (and hoping it is nearly full as it won't leave until ....Continue Reading >>
I love the comfortable contrasts of Hong Kong where the modernity of city life sits harmoniously with the practices of times past. Hong Kong Harbour boasts numerous working boats running between the mainland and the main Hong Kong Island while huge container vessels and ocean liners ply the same waters. Incidently, the Hong Kong Light Show at 8pm every evening is one of the finest lightshows anywhere.Hong ....Continue Reading >>
Jasper the Bear is the friendly and jolly 2+ metre statue and mascot of the northern Rockies town and national park of the same name. Surrounded by stunning mountain and lake scenery (including Maligne Canyon, Maligne Lake, Spirit Island and the mysterious Medicine Lake that disappears every autumn/fall). Though based on a 1948 cartoon character, Jasper is a thoroughly modern bear with an active ....Continue Reading >>
Here is buried the victorious William the Conqueror, Duke of Normandy and King of England, builder and founder (of this abbey) who died in the year 1087.The peaceful grave site of William the Conqueror is a complete antithesis to a life spent in battle. He died from injuries sustained by his stumbling horse, his grossly obese frame spearing against the pommel of his saddle, dying a few weeks later. ....Continue Reading >>
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