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A couple of snatched photos capturing the rugged beauty of Australia's Red Centre. There are a never-ending supply of photography opportunities as the light soaks the rich ochre red soils, the pale tortured green leaves and the cobalt blue skies.The author travelled as a guest of Tourism NT and Plus7. ....Continue Reading >>
Spectacular Pigeon Point Lighthouse has been guarding the south side of San Francisco Bay since 1871, named after the unfortunate Carrier Pigeon that wrecked some years earlier. Looking resplendent with a carpet of wildflowersin spring, the lighthouse is a highlight of any drive down the Californian coastline south of San Francisco - one of the best drives in the United States. The nearby keepers' ....Continue Reading >>
Every second day at 10:00am for around half an hour, an impressive Changing of the Guard ceremony takes place in front of the Presidential Palace (La Moneda Palace) in the centre of zesty Santiago. It is quite a spectacle - a brass band, soldiers with swords and rifles, yelled instructions, precision marching and lots of ceremonial goings-on.Santiago Vacations ....Continue Reading >>
The aptly named Canada Goose is a popular sight throughout the Canadian Rockies. This one near Banff keeps a watchful eye on an enthusiastic photographer.Banff Vacations ....Continue Reading >>
The late afternoon sun singes the surface of the Yamuna River and an Agra ghat only a few hundred metres from the iconic Taj Mahal. ....Continue Reading >>
A menu in a Kiwi shop window that clearly prides itself on its eggs and chips... ....Continue Reading >>
Glen Helen Gorge sits near the western end of the spectacular MacDonnell Ranges. Dotted with gorges, twisted rock formations, gaps and waterholes and Aboriginal sites, the MacDonnell Ranges run through central Australia for over 600 kilometres.Glen Helen offers a chance to re-fuel (body and car) with a bar, cafe, accommodation (rooms and camping), swimming hole and opportunities to explore the ....Continue Reading >>
Driving along the superb Red Centre Way between Alice Springs and Kings Canyon, a wild camel(introduced by Afghan traders in the 1800s, there are many to see) is checking on the road rules. On this 300 kilometre scenic outback drive, you may also sight wild horses (brumbies), kangaroos, birdlife and more.The author travelled as a guest of Tourism NT and Plus7.Alice Springs Vacations ....Continue Reading >>
I love the vermillion red lids with white spots on these mushrooms, discovered exploring a garden recently. Looking on the web, I think they may be Amanita muscaria which are poisonous to eat (I guess the bright red is a visual warning).....Continue Reading >>
Touring around Austria, there are a number of models and characters built out of straw. They sit against fences, on benches and along roadsides put there as an element of fun. These two relaxed fellows in Zell am See (between Salzburg and the Tyrol) particularly caught my attention near a pub while some straw donkeys marked the entrance to the scenic wonderland of Grossglockner cut striking figures. ....Continue Reading >>

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