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The budget online travel group, Tours4fun publish a regular feature on other travel blogs. I recently (a little nervously) agreed to having an article published on Travel Wonders and wish to thank them for a generous review of Travel Wonders of the World.While I have never travelled with Tours4fun, I admire their travel philosophy which in part reads:"The development of the understanding and acceptance ....Continue Reading >>
Most travellers are familiar with the idea of hiring a knowledgeable guide or renting an audio tour for castles, museums and historic sites. While guides vary in quality and language skills but can answer questions, audio tours are typically well spoken and cost around US$10 for headsets and the recording. Dr Benedict Davies, an Egyptologist, approached me for a review of his new business, Iconic ....Continue Reading >>
There is possibly no country on Earth where nature has had such a significant influence on the lives and culture of a population. Iceland continues to have a love-hate relationship with its nature, a country where a visitor can stand astride two continental plates and experience a nation being geologically created. Of course, recent Icelandic news was dominated by financial issues and the eruption ....Continue Reading >>
Initiated by the folks at, over 200 travel bloggers (including several of the most popular and well-known ones) have written up three travel secrets on their blogs over the past six months. Some wrote of special places in their home city (Travel Wonders wrote about the travel secrets of Sydney), some contributed general travel tips and others introduced secrets to great food or drink ....Continue Reading >>
In 2003, Frenchman Ludovic Hubler (site in French) commenced a five year journey hitchhiking around the world spending nothing on transport between towns, countries or continents over the entire journey. Hubler refused all rides involving payment. In that time, Hubler travelled through 59 different countries covering around 170,000 kilometres in 10 ships (working on the ship) and 1,300 different cars ....Continue Reading >>
Around the start of the year, a new website called Travel Blog Exchange was created as a central collaboration point for ideas, experiences, blog sharing, photos, videos and travel knowledge. With a wide variety of travel blogs spread around the internet, along with travel industry sites, agencies, travel forums, online version of travel guides and more, Travel Blog Exchange provides a virtual meeting ....Continue Reading >>
In this festive season of giving, Beth Whitman at Wanderlust and Lipstick along with a group of fellow travel bloggers to raise money to assist reducing world poverty. Working with the charitable organisation Heifer International, they are encouraging people to spend $10 each on raffle tickets for an impressive list of donated prizes, including three nights in Hawaii, baseball tickets, numerous gift ....Continue Reading >>
A few months ago I wrote about Matt Harding and his website Where the Hell is Matt. It is a kind of travel blog which took on a life of its own when Matt recorded brief jigs in front of many of the world's greatest travel wonders. Visa sponsored him to travel across Asia for two weeks recording his unique dance in the various countries to make up a new advertisment.His newest video has attracted over ....Continue Reading >>
Over the last forty-five years, Heinz Stucke has been cycling the world. He has covered around 550,000 kilometres (340,000 miles) across almost 200 countries, circling the globe at least ten times. This has consumed 20 passports. For nearly the entire time, he has ridden on the same trusty old three-speed bicycle. His story is simple which makes it more remarkable. Stucke supports himself by selling ....Continue Reading >>
Where the Hell is Matt is a travel quasi-blog which has taken on a life of its own. In simple terms, Matt Harding has traveled the world recording a strange jig-like dance in front of some of the great travel wonders of the world. Indeed, there are recordings of Matt dancing in places as diverse as the Pyramids, Kuwait and Petra in the Middle East, Machu Picchu in the Americas and Iceland in northern ....Continue Reading >>

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My name is Mark and I’m a keen traveller. In fact, over the last 25 years, I’ve travelled to every continent and over 80 countries. This blog is about the most memorable destinations – the places I regard as the travel wonders of the world. I’m also a keen photographer, and have taken nearly all the photos you’ll see. During my travels, I’ve met some incredible people, seen inspiring places, viewed extraordinary wildlife and scenery and had some amazing experiences, and I’m writing these stories not only to entertain but primarily to inspire others to discover their own travel wonders.

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