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Almost 200 years old, Cadmans Cottage can be easily missed among the ritzy cafes and restaurants, grandeur of the Sydney Opera House, bustle of the ferries and excellent Museum of Contemporary Art. As the oldest surviving residence in Australia, it is worth a quick visit (it is free and only takes a quarter of an hour to see the modest house). Interestingly, although over two levels, there ....Continue Reading >>
Sydney, Australia’s first and largest city, buzzes with multicultural excitement. Draped across a sparkling harbour, crossed with a world-famous bridge, showcased by a unique opera house, fringed with sun-soaked beaches and glorious national parks and sprinkled with fine restaurants and bars offering food and drinks from across the globe, Sydney is a lively outdoor city to enjoy and experience.The ....Continue Reading >>
My friends at Cheap Flights recently asked me to write a short guide on one of my favourite Australian cities, Melbourne - a place I've been to numerous times. It covers some ideas for good food (and Melbourne has superb eating options), unusual, funky bars and interesting museums and galleries. Please check out my insiders guide to Melbourne.Melbourne Vacations ....Continue Reading >>
With its rugged landscapes, wildlife, a towering waterfall, fascinating fossil beds, numerous walking trails and aquamarine lakes, Yoho National Park is a less visited gem sandwiched between Kootenay National Park and Lake Louise. Named for the Cree term for amazement, Yoho makes for a wonderful one day excursion through the western slopes of the Rockies.As if marking the entrance to the ....Continue Reading >>
Far less popular than its ritzy neighbour Banff National Park, Kootenay National Park makes for an excellent one day diversion from the main Rockies sights. A single 100 kilometre road in the shape of a superhero lightning bolt cuts through the centre of Kootenay National Park highlighting superb mountain vistas, glacial lakes, roaring rivers, wildlife, hiking trails and hot springs.From Banff ....Continue Reading >>
Among the grasslands on New Zealand’s South Island west and southern coastlines, they lie in ambush for their human quarry. Swarms so thick they dull the colour of the air in a dark fog. As soon as an unsuspecting tourist steps into the open air, they mercilessly attack in a feasting frenzy. New Zealand sandflies dive-bomb in fleets latching onto bare skin seemingly munching chunks of flesh ....Continue Reading >>
Known as the city of 18 mountains, the unusually named city of Man on the western border of Côte D’Ivoire (Ivory Coast) is sandwiched among jagged verdant mountains popular with visitors for trekking and rock climbing.. A swim at the elegant terraced La Cascade waterfallshidden within a bamboo forest is a reward for a walk from the city centre.As in much of West Africa, the highlight ....Continue Reading >>
Like a number of West Africa countries, the Ivory Coast (Côte D'Ivoire) has seen its share of political upheaval and civil war over recent years. While the country is more famous for its towerering basilica (arguably the world's largest) which rivals St Peter's in the Vatican, its western border features the unusually named town of Man which hides among a suite of craggy mountains (the area ....Continue Reading >>
Churches have a habit of being built on the most prime land in a town or city – on top of a hill or on the main square. The petite Church of Good Shepherd commands picture-postcard views across the glacial waters of Lake Tekapo to New Zealand’s highest mountains and represents the first church in the area. Its striking turquoise blue-green colour (from suspended glacial rock dust or rock ....Continue Reading >>
On the cobbled junction of Harbour and Tyne Streets, you are cast back to a time where horse and cart and penny farthings ruled the roads. Oamaru’s harbour precinct is packed with a wealth of late-1800s Victorian neo-classical buildings ornately carved from creamy Oamaru limestone. Streets full of elegant symmetric public buildings line the streets complete with Greek columns, fancy porticoes ....Continue Reading >>

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