Uluru (Ayers Rock) is apparent even before the plane hits the tarmac. Clearly visible from the air, the airport and the surrounding roads, one of Australia’s most iconic sights is strangely mesmerising. Roughly triangular in shape (most expect an oval), the giant rock stand an impressive 348 metresabove the flat arid landscape and is almost ten kilometres around. To give a sense of scale, ....Continue Reading >>
While Milford Sound shares its bountiful beauty with many thousands of visitors, slightly more southerly Doubtful Sound shares its secrets with relatively few. Ten times larger than Milford (Milford would fit into one of Doubtful’s arms – see map), Doubtful Sound is accessible only via a boat trip across the clear and gentle waters of Lake Manapouri and via a comfortable bus ride over on ....Continue Reading >>
Justifiably popular, Milford Sound is one of the most beautiful stretches of water in the world. Accessed via the stunning Te Anau-Milford Road which provides a taste of the scenery to come, Milford Sound is hemmed in by towering vertical rock faces rising up to 1500 metres in height, waterfalls cascading from mountain ridges and hanging valleys into the inky dark waters.Cruises depart regularly ....Continue Reading >>
While it is only the third best way of arriving at Milford Sound (hiking the Milford Track or arriving by boat win hands down for the two most rewarding), the 120 km drive from the touristy township of Te Anau to Milford is a world class highly scenic drive highlighting the dramatic scale and natural beauty of this World Heritage-listed area.With a strong recommendation to hit the road early, the ....Continue Reading >>
From spectacular Fox Glacier, the west coast ribbon of highway called SH6 continues it relentless but scenic route south. Sticking to a coastline that boasts superb vistas (such as Knights Point Lookout), the road curls its way to the strange town of Haast which despite a population of only a few hundred is broken into three distinct settlements several kilometres apart.Through stunning (and World ....Continue Reading >>
In a freak of nature, New Zealand has two of the only sea-level glaciers in the world outside of the arctic regions. Franz Josef and Fox Glaciers are easily accessible and are only 25 kilometres apart on New Zealand’s South Island and compete heavily to attract travellers for their various hiking options on the glacier. Each is served by a small town of the same name and both comprise a small fraction ....Continue Reading >>
Throughout history, large walls surrounded many cities to protect their citizens and leaders from siege and attack. Sadly, most of these city walls have gone either torn down by attackers, removed by cities to allow expansion or simply taken apart to provide building materials for more useful buildings.Spain has an impressive number of cities whose complete (or near-complete) city walls (or muralla) ....Continue Reading >>
guest post by Thomas Lukjaniec Countless numbers of tourists flock to Barcelona each year to catch a glimpse of world famous sights and landmarks such as the Sagrada Familia, Las Ramblas and the Camp Nou. This often leads to swarms of tourists clogging up the city centre (especially during the summer months) and ignoring the many wonderful things there are to see and do that are just a stone’s ....Continue Reading >>
by Katherine ConlanThose looking for a cultural trip in a sunny climate should consider the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea, Sicily. Looking like the sharp piece of rock being kicked by Italy’s heeled boot, Sicily is a modern island with a rich history, and a fantastic place to explore by car.Palermo, the island’s capital, is a real cosmopolitan city and its long history (including ....Continue Reading >>
guest post by Rachel McCombieEnigmatic Easter Island lies in the South Pacific, some five hours off the coast of Chile. It’s said to be the most isolated inhabited place on Earth, giving it an aura of inaccessibility which belies the fact that, thanks to regular commercial flights, a trip to this evocative island is by no means limited just to the most intrepid travellers.Though the sheer mission ....Continue Reading >>

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