In a scanned photo from a trip some years ago, I love the colours of this mythical lion guarding one of the numerous temples in Durbar Square in the heart of Kathmandu. Durbar Square is a full assault on the senses - saffron-robed Sadu priests, a living goddess, occasional monkeys and people all in a square awash with historic pagoda-style Hindu temples, some with quite startling erotic carvings. Extremely ....Continue Reading >>
The unrelenting climb up the forested slopes outside Eisenach (whether by foot, donkey or shuttlebus) past the towering plain walls highlights the imposing location of Wartburg Castle. Shaped like a cigar (click layout to enlarge) with one narrow gated entrance and with such natural defences, Wartburg Castle has played a significant role in German history and is a powerful symbol of the Reformation. ....Continue Reading >>
guest post by AirtoursThe Canary Islands have long been associated with all inclusive holidays. Tripadvisor.com has recently voted the Canaries as having six out of ten of the best beaches in the whole of Spain. However, there is far more to the archipelago than just glorious temperatures, crystal clear waters and powder soft sand.Canary Islands OverviewThe Canary Islands are group of Spanish islands ....Continue Reading >>
For centuries, Malacca (or Melaka in Malay) has been a rich melting pot of cultures. Occupied at various times in history by the Chinese, Portuguese, Dutch, English, Japanese (briefly during World War 2) and Malays, all were interested in its strategic position on the narrow Malacca Straits (primarily for the historic East Indies trade route).While the main sights are in the centre of town and on the ....Continue Reading >>
This article is written by Travel Wonders and is kindly sponsored by Club Med Sandpiper Bay, an active all-inclusive family destination and the ideal getaway resort for your next Florida vacation.Sandwiched between the ugly urban sprawl of Miami and the alluring beaches of Florida Keys are the exceptional Everglades. This unusual subtropical wilderness of 1.5 million acres is full of sawgrass marshes, ....Continue Reading >>
It was one hundred years ago when a young American Yale student Hiram Bingham, guided by locals arrived at Machu Picchu and discovered and unveiled this iconic location to the outside world. Over the years, Bingham cleared four centuries of growth, mapping and studying the site and solving some of the mysteries of this advanced civilisation.Strings of special events are planned to celebrate the special ....Continue Reading >>
by David CollinsIf your idea of the perfect break involves fantastic wildlife and plants then you may want to consider going on holidays in the Seychelles.As the African island nation is awash with amazing flora and fauna, you are sure to have a fascinating time discovering the country's natural beauty during your break.And as it is home to some of the rarest animal and plant species in the ....Continue Reading >>
Everytime I think of the travel wonder of Trollstigen (the Troll’s Ladder), one of Norway’s and Europe’s finest drives, I am reminded of a great story told to me as a child.It is the story of Three Billy Goats Gruff, a fable told to children around the world (but especially Scandinavia) for over a century. In this tale, there are three goats who have run out of grass in their field and to get ....Continue Reading >>
Published as part of the Blog4NZ campaign (twitter #blog4nz) to highlight the travel wonders of New Zealand and to promote that New Zealand is very much open to tourism despite the recent earthquake in Christchurch.Mt Ngauruhoe is a stunning conical and highly active volcano in the centre of the North Island of New Zealand and part of the exceptional one day Tongariro Alpine Crossing trek. ....Continue Reading >>
The rocky splendour of one of the travel wonders of the world is at its most mesmerising at sunrise (see Grand Canyon sunrise) and sunset. This shot is taken at the ideal sunset lookout of Hopi Point highlighting the powerful erosional forces of wind and water over the millennia. Every few minutes the colours change as the canyon's rock temples shadow the sinking sun plunging parts in darkness while ....Continue Reading >>

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