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by Carly MorsonThere is no finer city in the world to spend the Christmas holidays in than New York where you’ll find a city which embraces the festivities like no other. Captured in iconic films such as Home Alone II and Miracle on 34th Street, New York manages to make everyone feel like a child again when it comes to Christmas. Even if it’s far away from home, there are many ways of sharing ....Continue Reading >>
This week's travel photo is a homage to Canada's Hoary Marmots which were regularly sighted on a recent trip through the Rockies and Alaska. I adore their expressive faces, extroverted character and confidence near a camera. Here's a few favourites from a large number of snapshots from locations such as The Whistlers in Jasper and Mt Roberts in Juneau. Enjoy! ....Continue Reading >>
by Jamie KingIf your idea of a luxury hotel is one where they leave a chocolate on the pillow and give you a pair of disposable slippers to wear then you haven't experienced the opulence of some of the world's most expensive hotel rooms. Far from stretching to a couple of hundred pounds a night, these unimaginably expensive rooms can cost the price of a decent four-by-four for just one night's ....Continue Reading >>
Fringed by Australian eucalyptus (gum) trees, the lake (replete with elegant swans) reflects the classical domed Roman rotunda with its curved colonnades (called the Palace of Fine Arts) and represents one of the most idyllic and relaxing locations in San Francisco. Initially built as a highlight of San Francisco's 1915 Exposition to celebrate the city's recovery from the devastating 1906 earthquake, ....Continue Reading >>
by John MillerChristmas markets, also known as Christkindlesmarkt or Weihnachtsmarkt, depending which part of Germany or Austria you’re hailing from, aren’t just about market stalls and shopping in the run up to Christmas. Going back to medieval times - when people would travel to find festive cheer in the bright Christmas lights, bustling street stalls and delicious snacks to pass the winter ....Continue Reading >>
by Garrett McKayWhether it’s your first trip to the US or one of many, Los Angeles makes a perfect destination. As one of the largest cities in the U.S., close to and full of famous, one-of-a-kind attractions, Los Angeles has much to offer people traveling alone, with a loved one or with the entire family. Before you go, brush up on what you can expect when you get there, where you might ....Continue Reading >>
Spectacular Pigeon Point Lighthouse has been guarding the south side of San Francisco Bay since 1871, named after the unfortunate Carrier Pigeon that wrecked some years earlier. Looking resplendent with a carpet of wildflowersin spring, the lighthouse is a highlight of any drive down the Californian coastline south of San Francisco - one of the best drives in the United States. The nearby keepers' ....Continue Reading >>
guest post by Katherine ScottKnown as “The Magic Isle” the Hawaiian island of Maui is home to many wonders, from spectacular beaches and waterfalls to volcanoes and migrating humpback whales. Among the most inspiring is an early-birds-only sight: the Haleakala sunrise.While you probably spot the sunrise regularly on your morning commute, chances are you’ve never seen it quite like this… ....Continue Reading >>
by Leslie ToWhy do we love Hawaii so much? For one, it’s absolutely beautiful, but it’s not just the lovely surroundings that entice us all to make the trek. The distinct characteristics and personalities of each island within the chain are so diverse and unique, how visitors spend time there is as varied as the people themselves. In short, the 50th state offers about as many ways to vacation ....Continue Reading >>
guest post by Lauren WilliamsThe art of the Great American Road Trip has been lost in translation over the years – driving from A to B used to be an affair to remember, a whimsical adventure that would see you saying farewell to your loved ones for weeks, maybe even months, on end. Now, the 21st century has seen the rise in wanting to get to any said destination right now. Why would you want to take ....Continue Reading >>
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