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by Great Vacation RetreatsThe island of Kauai, of one of the main islands in the Hawaiian archipelago, is noted for its jugged mountains, palm fringed beaches, and beautiful tropical scenery. For those that enjoy outdoor exploration, Kauai offers many exceptional hikes. An especially enjoyable and unique activity is combining hiking and swimming. There's nothing quite like cooling off with a ....Continue Reading >>
by Leslie To, Aqua ResortsHawaii has long been the getaway for those seeking to witness the superbly sublime--a type of natural beauty that startles the mind with its breathtaking profundity and serenity. With the soothing tumble of the Pacific's rolling waves providing a marvelous score, Hawaii provides an outlet for experiences unlike anywhere else on the planet. Whether you're looking to take ....Continue Reading >>
Inaccessible by road, Juneau is nestled along the beautiful Gastineau Channel underneath towering mountains. Inundated with cruise ships in the summer months, large vessels carefully jockey for position in the narrow channel as viewed from the magnificent vantage point on Mt Roberts. Juneau has some superb natural sights and wildlife including Mendenhall Glacier that carves its way through the mountains ....Continue Reading >>
guest post by Titan HiToursA vibrant labyrinth of culture and colour, New York is the ideal location to begin the epic adventure of coast-to-coast rail tours. When you’re done shopping along Fifth Avenue and taking a cosmopolitan stroll through Central Park, view the cityscape from the towering heights of the Empire State Building (where Tom Hanks or King Kong may be waiting, depending on your luck). ....Continue Reading >>
I have always been tempted by the cool and refreshing tastes of mint-based drinks. This month brings us the Mint Julep, a product of the American south. It was late in the afternoon on an oppressive day. The Louisianaians barman served in a voice like the neighbouring Mississippi River - slow, deep and muddy - and made the drink with the same slow, steady precision. The wooden bar seemed unchanged ....Continue Reading >>
The Chicago Water Tower was one of the very few public buildings to survive the 1871 Great Fire. It looks more like a European medieval castle, standing in sharp contrast to the towering modern edifices that dwarfs its elegant limestone symmetric structure. Wonderful spring-time white blooms adds life to its restful nature, though Oscar Wilde reputed (and unfairly) described it as a "castellated monstrosity ....Continue Reading >>
Over 2000 glass flowers dominate the lobby ceiling of the Italianate-styled Bellagio Hotel in the ritzy excesses of Las Vegas. In the midst of the Las Vegas strip, this towering hotel features a restaurant with eleven Picasso paintings, a permanent Cirque du Soleil show and a nightly show of dancing fountains to music all funded by slot machines and gaming tables as far as the eye can see.Whatever ....Continue Reading >>
This article is written by Travel Wonders and is kindly sponsored by Club Med Sandpiper Bay, an active all-inclusive family destination and the ideal getaway resort for your next Florida vacation.Sandwiched between the ugly urban sprawl of Miami and the alluring beaches of Florida Keys are the exceptional Everglades. This unusual subtropical wilderness of 1.5 million acres is full of sawgrass marshes, ....Continue Reading >>
Wrangell has a strange, slightly ramshackle frontier mood. With only a very rare cruise liner unleashing their human cargo in this Alaskan town, Wrangell has a peaceful easy-paced feeling and none of the fancy jewellery and trinket shops around the docks that towns like Ketchikan and Juneau have.Outside of the turbulent and wild Stikine River and the exceptional wildlife experience watching brown and ....Continue Reading >>
The rocky splendour of one of the travel wonders of the world is at its most mesmerising at sunrise (see Grand Canyon sunrise) and sunset. This shot is taken at the ideal sunset lookout of Hopi Point highlighting the powerful erosional forces of wind and water over the millennia. Every few minutes the colours change as the canyon's rock temples shadow the sinking sun plunging parts in darkness while ....Continue Reading >>
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