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'You are entitled to food, clothing, shelter and medical attention. Anything else you get is a privilege.'Initially a lighthouse and now a national park, the famous isolated prison on a rock sits two and a half kilometres off the San Francisco coastline. Only as the boat smoothly approached its pier from its ten minute ride does a sense of foreboding come over me. The plain white-washed buildings and ....Continue Reading >>
The race is on. As our small skiff bobs and bounces its way across Thomas Bay (which has the unfortunate nickname of The Bay of Death) towards Baird Glacier, the mist slowly sinks into the valleys, turning the daylight into a daunting greyness. Not far from the Alaskan town of Petersburg and approaching the final inlet, the icy wind knives us in the face, the breeze off the glacier savagely chilling ....Continue Reading >>
On this ninth anniversary, I recall sitting at home in Sydney transfixed in the late evening of 9/11 (Sydney is many hours ahead of the east coast of the US) watching live CNN coverage as this act of terrorism unfolded and changed the 21st century world. Even in Las Vegas, the city of excess, there are memorials to those lost in front of the New York New York Hotel Casino. Simple T-shirts, small momentos, ....Continue Reading >>
guest post and photos by good travel blogging friend Bret of The JetPacker.The trembling bass of a raging nightclub. The constant ringing of slot machines. The relentless barrage of advertisements. Honking horns. Flashing lights. Drunken laughter.Sometimes Las Vegas can be overwhelming. Sometimes you need peace and quiet. Sometimes you need fresh air... even if the air is hot and dry.From a ....Continue Reading >>
This scanned photo from the 1990s is taken on July 4th in the small rustic timber and fishing town of Craig on Prince of Wales Island in southern Alaska. Three of us stayed there for a night before heading into the scenic Alaskan waterways on a boat that looked like the African Queen. With a population of less than 1500 people, everyone seemed to be involved in celebrations with a long parade of vehicles ....Continue Reading >>
This expressive statue sits in a park just outside Chicago's popular Navy Pier. To me with its subtle colours, the statue has a timeless feeling, representing the thousands of kids that have played in the park over the decades.When travelling, I love to see the various local statues that dress the parks, city centres and gathering places. The variety of these sculptures in any town represent an ....Continue Reading >>
If arriving by ferry, Ketchikan is likely to be a visitor’s first view of the travel wonders of Alaska. Supposedly the wettest town in Alaska, the harbour is packed to the gills with boats visually highlighting the rich fishing traditions of this historic Alaskan city. Ketchikan is woven along its shoreline with nothing more than a couple of blocks from the water as the land rises sharply out of ....Continue Reading >>
Measuring just 24 feet by 18 feet (8x6 metres), the Little White Church or Evangelical Lutheran Church is not found in Germany, but in the tiny village of Elbe near Seattle. Claimed by Ripley's Believe It or Not to be the smallest church in the USA, (though this is heavily disputed), the church continues to conduct monthly services. Capable of seating 46 churchgoers and built in 1906 by German settlers, ....Continue Reading >>
guest post by Vera Marie Badertscherphotography by Leigh SpigelmanYou can see it from deep within, or drive along the edge. From the approach through Beautiful Valley to the edge of the Canyon of Death (Canyon del Muerte), a drive along the north and south rims of Canyon de Chelly (prounounced de-shay) stores up images to last a lifetime. In my humble opinion, it is the most beautiful drive in Arizona, ....Continue Reading >>
In a small rural village in north Vermont, stacks of pumpkins of all shapes and sizes await Halloween enthusiasts to carve their lanterns. Celebrated the night before All Saints or All Hallows Day, the name derives from hallow evening, shortened to halloween. Every year, this primarily American tradition sneaks further into Australia with shops adorned with witches, ghosts, bats and skeletons while ....Continue Reading >>
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