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If looks could kill! Scratch, a solo black bear and long time visitor to Anan Creek Wildlife Reserve, and sporting a savage scar across his nose, stands in the cascading falls for over half an hour, plunging his head into the frigid water and coming up empty. Elegant Mom, strolls down to the river for the second time, enthusiastic youngsters waddling behind and leans into the water from the bank, plucking ....Continue Reading >>
Alaska is rich in national parks and reserves including several where visitors can view one of the greatest wildlife wonders on Earth – the bears feeding on the salmon run. Around 50 kilometres south-east of the uninspiring Alaskan town of Wrangell is the travel wonder of Anan Creek, accessible only by boat or float-plane. The pink salmon (or humpie) make their bold run upstream against the surging ....Continue Reading >>
Only a few miles outside of Alaska’s capital (on the only road out of town) is the blue-white icy travel wonder of Mendenhall Glacier. As a poster-child for global warming, this river of ice has receded almost three kilometres in just fifty years, creating Mendenhall Lake at the front of the glacier. Slowly bulldozing its way down the valley, creaking and groaning, it’s beauty among the trees and ....Continue Reading >>
Not far from the US Capitol is one of the world's finest displays of air and space objects. Among the Smithsonian's staggering collection of aircraft, rocketships and spacecraft is an original lunar module as used to get the Apollo astronauts from their main craft to the moon's surface and back again (only the top portion is used for the return journey). I recall being sent home from school as a young ....Continue Reading >>
With more American readers than any other, it seems appropriate on Independence Day to write about the iconic travel wonder of the US Capitol Building in Washington DC. The glorious white-washed classical building perches defiantly on Capitol Hill looking down a long verdant mall of national monuments, memorials and museums.Built over 200 years ago, the building is grandly decorated with Greek columns ....Continue Reading >>
While out of season, I recently tripped across this photo from around ten years ago of the small town of Newfane in southern Vermont at the peak of the kaleidoscopic fall colours. The contrast of the white-washed county court house and church with the rich red, bronze and golden leaves makes for a visual feast. More photos from a trip through New England show Vermont in fall. ....Continue Reading >>
On the road to Zion National Park in Utah, some years ago, I stumbled upon this bizarre cartoon wild-west village called Virgin, complete with jail, saloon, stagecoach, bank and shop. When I was there, it was kind of eerie with not another soul in sight and an ominous storm cloud brewing overhead. Why do people build such strange places - a Virgin ghost-town. ....Continue Reading >>
Guest Article by Jamie SwardThe opportunity to move out East was a dream come true! The promise of things to come was tremendous and my wish list of things to do in New England was a mile long! Here I am five years later and I haven't made it halfway through my list yet. How frustrating! One of the most exciting prospects for me was getting out and enjoying all of the beautiful natural wonders ....Continue Reading >>
In the heart of New Hampshire, a few miles south of the Old Man of the Mountain in Franconia Notch State Park lies a natural travel wonder carved out of rock over millennia. A superb three kilometre (two miles) walk traverses covered bridges, glacial rocks, tumbling waterfalls and a staggering narrow passage called Flume Gorge. In fall, the reds, bronzes and yellows of the surrounding trees provides ....Continue Reading >>
For many millions of years, the Old Man of the Mountain stared unflinchingly across Franconia Notch (a few miles north of the superb Flume Gorge) perched precariously on an upper granite wall, almost 400 metres from the base of the gorge. The Old Man had the enigmatic look of a craggy Mona Lisa, neither smiling nor frowning. His fixed gaze oversaw a park full of great walking trails, fine forests, ....Continue Reading >>
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