by Cassandra WintersOne of the most fascinating sights in Hanoi is the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum where the embalmed remains of the communist leader rest within an impressive monumental building.The construction of this enormous monument and preservation of his body actually go against Ho’s last wishes, which were stated in his will: He asked that his body be cremated and his ashes scattered ....Continue Reading >>
by Kian RackleyFor shorter independent holiday itineraries, Hoi An is often omitted from travellers' itineraries. However, for those that make the time, this small town in Vietnam’s central region of just 100,000 inhabitants is often the highlight of the trip. Getting ThereHoi An has an airport but most people arrive via Da Nang airport which is around an hour away by car. Another ....Continue Reading >>
For a tranquil escape (along with a sublime Vietnamese slow drip coffee) in the bustle of Vietnam’s capital, Hanoi, little surpasses the Temple of Literature. Initially built as a Confucian temple, it became Vietnam’s earliest university almost 950 years ago (predating any European university) and still harbours the academic ambiance of years past.Initially only offered to noble or royal students, ....Continue Reading >>
With a friend working in the Australian Embassy in Hanoi, I travelled to Vietnam in the very early 1990s - well before there was any semblance of a tourism structure. It was difficult to get around the country at all and to visit any sights outside of the major cities. Despite that, it was one of my finest travel experiences with incredible expressions of generosity and friendship.Saying all that, ....Continue Reading >>

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