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This week's travel photo is a homage to Canada's Hoary Marmots which were regularly sighted on a recent trip through the Rockies and Alaska. I adore their expressive faces, extroverted character and confidence near a camera. Here's a few favourites from a large number of snapshots from locations such as The Whistlers in Jasper and Mt Roberts in Juneau. Enjoy! ....Continue Reading >>
At the end of the superb Maligne Lake Drive, a deer keeps a cautious eye out for groups of people wandering nearby.Jasper Vacations ....Continue Reading >>
The driving tour of the Icefield Parkway starts in Lake Louise.Leaving the exceptional Columbia Icefields and Athabasca Glacier, the Icefield Parkway drives past superb glacier and mountain vistas to two impressive waterfalls. The first, named after from local word for turbulent waters is Sunwapta Falls where glacial ice-melt veers sharply and powers through a narrow cleft in the rock to ....Continue Reading >>
Jasper has an excellent reputation for wildlife sightings. Driving into Jasper along the Icefield Parkway, it lives up to its reputation before actually arriving in the town. A gang (the correct collective name - thank you Google) of elk - a mixture of females and youngsters (calves) - lay resting and munching on the lush grass. In the couple of days in and around Jasper, gangs of elk are fairly typical, ....Continue Reading >>
Just south of the superb Rockies national parks, Canmore acts as a popular gateway to the spectacular sights of Banff, Jasper, Yoho and Kootenay National Parks. South of Canmore is Kananaskis Country – a sprawling area of provincial parks, outdoor recreation, mountains and wilderness.Far less travelled than its famous neighbouring national parks, Kananaskis Country is a worthwhile diversion ....Continue Reading >>
The Columbian Ground Squirrel spends around 230 days of each year asleep but in the remaining third of year manages to reproduce, pack on enough weight to let the hibernation happen, store some food away for when it wakes up and build a burrow with separate sleeping quarters. Territorial and living in colonies (or scurries), it is highly addictive watching them run around or perch on their hind legs ....Continue Reading >>
The aptly named Canada Goose is a popular sight throughout the Canadian Rockies. This one near Banff keeps a watchful eye on an enthusiastic photographer.Banff Vacations ....Continue Reading >>
Complete with a lighthouse and guns to protect New Zealand from invading Russians in the late 1800s, Taiaora Head is the only mainland breeding colony of the superb Royal Albatross in the world. With around the clock protection from predators, a few dozen breeding pairs lay a lone egg every couple of years hatching in January. For eight months, the lone chick sits in their nest awaiting the ....Continue Reading >>
While the undoubted highlight of Kaikoura is seeing the mighty Sperm Whales in the coastal waters, just through the energetic main town is Point Kean, a favourite haul-out area for adult New Zealand Fur Seals (or kekeno). At any time, several large fur seals rest among the rocks relaxing after their exploits at sea but watchful of the visitors as they rock hop for the best vantage points for their ....Continue Reading >>
Last October, I was in the whale-watching capital of Kaikoura as part of The Great Crusade (article here). Bad weather limited any sea ventures to only a few hundred metres from the coastline, ruling out sightings of the sperm whale but offering the chance to see various dolphins and seabirds. Having a chance to return to Kaikoura a few months later, sunshine and a sparkling peaceful ocean means ....Continue Reading >>
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