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A favourite photo (click on it to enlarge), mildly in the style of moving picture pioneer Eadweard Muybridge, showing three magnificent red-tailed cockatoos each in different aspects of their flight. The explosion of scarlet tucked under their tail can be seen on the front bird and a superb sight when viewing a flock from below. ....Continue Reading >>
This cute little fellow (click on the photo to enlarge) contentedly poses for the camera as he suns himself on a small rock. Equally adept as swimmers and on land, water dragons are a reasonably regular sight in the Australian summer, especially in parks and near waterways. ....Continue Reading >>
This lone male elk, resplendent with its fine antlers, contentedly munches juicy grasses. Grazing on the verge of the main highway just outside the stunning Rockies town of Jasper, little traffic probably interrupts this elk in the early hours (one of the best times to see wildlife). While initially a little suspicious of me as shown in this photo, he soon returns to his feeding relaxed that I was ....Continue Reading >>
Only minutes from the centre of New Zealand’s curiously bubbly capital, Zealandia is an inspiring project to restore a valley to its pre-human state. This reserve has managed to remove major introduced predators to the area with novel fencing, including rabbits, stoats, possums, mice, rats and more, allowing endangered birdlife, insects and other animals to thrive, enhancing the survival prospects ....Continue Reading >>
Majestically set as the Southern Alps approach the bay-lined coastline, Kaikoura is world famous for its marine tours. Geologically freaky, the continental shelf plunges over 2000 metres deep only a few miles offshore creating the perfect feeding grounds for the Sperm Whale. These leviathans, measuring up to 18 metres and weighing in at up to 70 tonnes, dive for up to two hours into the inky depths ....Continue Reading >>
Despite it exotic appearance, the clown triggerfish is actually remarkably camouflaged. Photographed in an aquarium, this tropical fish is found in the reefs of coastal warm waters between east Africa, through Asia and the Pacific islands. Scientists consider the clown triggerfish to be a master of disguise. Despite its bold colouring, the clown triggerfish has a mottled yellow and black back to blend ....Continue Reading >>
guest post by fly.comIf asked whether or not you fancy swimming alongside a 10 metre long shark with little else to protect you other than a wetsuit and a snorkel, it would be no surprise if there were very few takers. In reality, thousands of people book their long distance flight all the way to Western Australia’s Ningaloo Reef every year between March and July to do just that.Whale Sharks are ....Continue Reading >>
guest post by Kerry-Anne Smith of Sanctuary RetreatsDespite being primates, there are several differences between the main species of apes: gorillas, chimpanzees, orang-utans and gibbons; and monkeys, of which there are hundreds of varieties. The best way to find these differences for yourself is to see them in the wild, either on a luxury safari or a guided trek. This blog takes a look at several ....Continue Reading >>
Two hours drive south of Sydney is a magnificent stretch of ancient rainforest (protected as part of Budderoo National Park). A four kilometre loop boardwalk and forest trail leads through the towering trees of this rainforest remnant that once coated this highland area. Tangled vines of strangler figs, huge buttress roots, vibrant birdlife dancing among the branches and dense green moss on primeval ....Continue Reading >>
At first sight, the Grevy Zebra doesn't look quite like a zebra. Its large ears look out of place and its belly looks like it has been white-washed - the narrow pyjama stripes not stretching all the way around. The Grevy Zebra is the slightly larger cousin (and largest of all species in the horse family!) of the more familiar Plains Zebra and is seriously endangered. Favouring drier climates, these ....Continue Reading >>
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