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by David CollinsIf your idea of the perfect break involves fantastic wildlife and plants then you may want to consider going on holidays in the Seychelles.As the African island nation is awash with amazing flora and fauna, you are sure to have a fascinating time discovering the country's natural beauty during your break.And as it is home to some of the rarest animal and plant species in the ....Continue Reading >>
The striking clownfish became popular with the movie Finding Nemo. This curious tropical fish has one of nature's most remarkable symbiotic relationship with the poisonous sea anenome where it lives its life. Immune to the poison tentacles, it attracts other fish into the anenome's deadly lair, the clownfish able to feed off the remains of the prey. The clownfish additional cleans the anenome's tentacles.The ....Continue Reading >>
The king cheetah is a truly regal and extremely rare animal. Only seen a handful of times in the wild over the last hundred years, the strikingly beautiful cat has a distinctive coat. Unlike the traditional cheetah spots on a golden background (the cheetah on the right of the photo), the king cheetah (left) features spots that have run together into erratic splotches as if the paint hadn't quite dried.Famed ....Continue Reading >>
This rather timid antelope is the unfortunately titled dik-dik due to its group warning noise of nearby predators. And sadly for the dik-dik with its short stature (at a little over half a metre), nearly every carnivore in the African jungle from lions and leopards to birds of prey and large lizards see it as a potential meal. One interesting protection is that the dik-dik doesn't drink water and hence ....Continue Reading >>
Around 250 kilometres south of Lima is the wonderful nature reserve of the Ballestas Islands. Thousands of seabirds fight for their tiny piece of real estate on the off-shore islands. Protected for conservation reasons, visitors cannot disembark on the islands and the only access is an inexpensive and excellent organised boat tour.On the way is the unusual and perplexing giant rock formation of the ....Continue Reading >>
This ugly mottled creature typically hides among warm water reefs, rocks and mudbanks and is considered the most venomous fish in the world. Cleverly camouflaged, unsuspecting folks stand on its poisonous dorsal spines triggering an excruciating pain. There are a number of documented deaths in Australia and the Pacific Islands with more northerly coastal hospitals carrying antivenin. This photo is ....Continue Reading >>
The statuesque Grey Crowned Crane is the national bird of Uganda, characterised by its magnificent head feathers like an upturned stiff brush. These distinguished looking birds forage in grasslands entertaining visitors to national parks. It is so popular in Uganda that it appears as the centrepiece of the national flag. ....Continue Reading >>
Matobo National Park in central Zimbabwe is a wild rock-strewn travel wonder. With small areas of dry grasslands, the park is a remarkable mix of natural gravity-defying rock formations, ancient cave art and a game park for a broad variety of African animals including the endangered white and black rhinoceros.A local ranger guided three of us around this superb park for a single day some years ago. ....Continue Reading >>
In the cold icy surrounds of Antartica, the Chinstrap penguin stands strikingly with its thin black neck stripe. Parenting is a truly shared occupation with one guarding the eggs or chicks while the other heads off to feed, returning with a full belly and regurgitated feeds for the chicks. They then exchange places and the cycle starts again. As the chicks grow, both parents head out to feed leaving ....Continue Reading >>
Even in the relative safety of a large vehicle, a polar bear is a chilling, awe-inspiring animal. When only a pane of reinforced glass separates you from the world’s largest land-based carnivore, a strange mix of fear and excitement sets in.Every year around mid-October, migrating polar bears congregate in their hundreds for a handful of weeks in the northerly Canadian town of Churchill, awaiting ....Continue Reading >>
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