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Our group had been trekking for three and a half hours through thick forest, the thorns catching our clothing and our feet sloshing through the muddy grounds. Deep into the Congan rain forest, it was well over 30°C (86°F) and 100% humidity and getting hotter. The six of us were getting a little agitated, being drained of fluid and having started the early morning with such anticipation. The glint ....Continue Reading >>
I have always had mixed feelings about zoos trying to balance the feelings of seeing magnificent animals in restricted sad cages against the beneficial scientific and conservation activities that many conduct. As an individual visitor it can be a chance to see, experience, watch, learn from and photograph in real life some of the planet’s most fascinating and awe-inspiring creatures – some of those ....Continue Reading >>
If looks could kill! Scratch, a solo black bear and long time visitor to Anan Creek Wildlife Reserve, and sporting a savage scar across his nose, stands in the cascading falls for over half an hour, plunging his head into the frigid water and coming up empty. Elegant Mom, strolls down to the river for the second time, enthusiastic youngsters waddling behind and leans into the water from the bank, plucking ....Continue Reading >>
Alaska is rich in national parks and reserves including several where visitors can view one of the greatest wildlife wonders on Earth – the bears feeding on the salmon run. Around 50 kilometres south-east of the uninspiring Alaskan town of Wrangell is the travel wonder of Anan Creek, accessible only by boat or float-plane. The pink salmon (or humpie) make their bold run upstream against the surging ....Continue Reading >>
The flightless emu is native to Australia and is the second tallest bird in the world. Though not regularly seen in the wild, this one was sighted in Western Australia not far from the moonscape area of The Pinnacles. It seemed contented to stay near its waterhole. Despite their slightly bedraggled shaggy feathers, emus are powerful runners capable of deceptive speeds. Seeing a flock of emus running ....Continue Reading >>
To me, cheetahs make the most elegant and regal of all the African cats. They are superbly designed for speed with their long sleek body and lengthy tail used like a rudder. Paired with his brother and ever alert, this young male cheetah surveys the Masai Mara bushland.Other Wildlife Photos of the WeekMountain GorillaBrown BearOspreyToucanHoary Marmot ....Continue Reading >>
With its huge head and mouth, the Leopard Seal has the ferocious look of a fearsome predator. Though more innocent looking in its relaxed pose in the photo, they are demonised as evil by movies such as Happy Feet. These solitary seals efficiently hunt penguins near the Antarctic shores as they depart and arrive at the rookeries over the summer months.Other Wildlife Photos of the WeekBrown BearMountain ....Continue Reading >>
The tawny frogmouth is a uniquely Australian bird, found superbly camouflaged in trees. They are often described as an owl though this is not technically true. Typically, someone needs to point them out for you to be aware they are there but once discovered they rarely move far from their favourite branch or tree. The bird in the photos lives not far from my home in Sydney. Their ability to stay still ....Continue Reading >>
Two favourite photos taken outside my hotel late at night-time with a family of elephants digging at the salt-pan with their tusks and eating the mud. The photo was on a very slow exposure, hence the somewhat ghost-like qualities of some of the elephants because they just simply wouldn't keep still for me. ....Continue Reading >>
This most majestic brown bear is caught in a reflective moment in the spectacular Misty Fjords National Monument of South-East Alaska.Other Bear PostsBears, Crabs and Eagles on the African QueenFeeding Frenzy (Alaska)Top Ten Wildlife Travel WondersOther Recent Wildlife PhotosMountain GorillasToucanMarmotOsprey ....Continue Reading >>
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