Continuing from Part One - Verona: Beyond Romeo and JulietFrom Verona's elegant castle, head back through Porta Borsari (maybe the best of the surviving Roman gates) towards Piazza Signori. Nearby, a tiny laneway is packed with people all crowding around number 23 – Juliet’s house (Casa di Giuletta). Lovestruck folks note their names onto the house’s walls (fastened by bluetack or gum) and ....Continue Reading >>
by Howard JohnstonIf you are reading this you have probably already re-read this first sentence a couple of times as I often do when reading the word Reading, pronounced “Redding”. The town is part of the UK version of Silicon Valley – a concentration of businesses and industry to the west of the capital – and one of the stops off the M4 corridor in and out of London. For the business traveller, ....Continue Reading >>
PONTE PIETRA QUICK FACTSLocation: Verona, Italy River: Adige Built: 100 BC Length: 120 metres Style: Arch (Brick) Verona's Ponte Pietra (Stone Bridge) is the first in a monthly series presenting iconic bridges around the world. Main bridges are typically centred around the culture of a city, often historically connecting different aspects of a city or town.Built by the Romans in 100 ....Continue Reading >>
Sandwiched between the overwhelmingly popular Venice and Lake Garda, Verona is remarkably missed by many visitors to Italy. Best known as the setting for Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, Verona has much to offer beyond a playwright’s account of the Capulet’s and Montague’s tragic love-story.While little of the Romeo and Juliet story actually took place and Shakespeare never wandered ....Continue Reading >>
Despite its French sounding name, Gressoney-Saint-Jean is Italian in feel and sits in the valley below the majestic peaks of Matterhorn (called Monte Cervino by the Italians) and Monte Rosa (literally Mt Pink), Switzerland's highest mountain. ....Continue Reading >>
Shaped like a teardrop, the hilltop town of Vézelay has received hordes of visitors for nearly a thousand years. Even today, backpack-laden pilgrims (often carrying a scallop shell), package tourists and curious visitors crawl the steep cobbled spine of Vézelay to enjoy the UNESCO Heritage-listed architectural wonder of Saint Mary Magdalene Basilica (or Vézelay Benedictine Abbey). As it ....Continue Reading >>
by Rosa CroftSince its inception in 1945, UNESCO has contributed substantially to helping maintain and keep safe some of planet earth’s most important sights. Of course, there’s no denying the fact that they’re also incredibly useful in helping travellers pick out their next destination: if you choose to go to a sight that’s UNESCO-protected, you can be sure that you’re heading somewhere ....Continue Reading >>
Scenically located in the centre of the Thiou Canal, the striking wedge-shaped Palais D'Isle (literally Island Palace) is a highlight of the lively French Alps town of Annecy. Perched on a lake and interwoven with canals, Annecy's castle was built in 1132 and has variously been a palace, administrative centre, court, mint and jail. Today it acts as a museum and happily welcomes visitors. Annecy Vacations ....Continue Reading >>
Named after a heroic British nurse who aided prisoners-of-war escape Belgium, the craggy beauty of Mt Edith Cavell (3,363 metres) stands proudly overlooking Jasper. Sadly a German spy tricked her into assisting him where Cavell was promptly arrested and sentenced to death for treason.Today a bumpy, precarious 14 kilometre road leads from the main highway and around 45 minutes later ....Continue Reading >>
by Caroline SimpsonWhen you exit through the west door of Montreal’s Jean-Talon metro station, when you walk away from the main road and wonder in the residential streets, you find yourself in one of the nicest parts of town. Houses are well kept, colorful, clean and stylish: You can tell that people take pride in their property. There are numerous cafés – some of them, rumor has it, serving ....Continue Reading >>

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