Our small group is half way through day two and we reach the high point of our Camino Inca trek on the evocatively named Dead Woman’s Pass (trail map). Breathing heavily in the rarefied air at 4,200 metres, our spirits lifted when we discovered that this was the highest point in our walk. Three hours earlier, most of us were regretting signing up for this famous four day venture to the Incan “lost ....Continue Reading >>
Over the last forty-five years, Heinz Stucke has been cycling the world. He has covered around 550,000 kilometres (340,000 miles) across almost 200 countries, circling the globe at least ten times. This has consumed 20 passports. For nearly the entire time, he has ridden on the same trusty old three-speed bicycle. His story is simple which makes it more remarkable. Stucke supports himself by selling ....Continue Reading >>
Our small group had walked for an hour in extreme humidity and climbed a rickety, wooden tower to be at the height of the tree-tops. We'd been standing around for a further hour with little activity when a toucan fluttered into a far branch. The photo is taken at maximum zoom, scanned in and then zoomed some more with Photoshop, which makes it a little bit hazy. But the excitement of seeing this most ....Continue Reading >>
Through autumn or fall, the forests of America's New England and parts of Canada are cloaked in a blazing palette of reds, oranges, yellows, golds and mauves. Through Vermont, this kaleidoscope of colour is highlighted in the Green Mountain National Forest which runs like a rugged backbone through the centre of the state, while in New Hampshire, the White Mountains and the Kancamagus Highway are the ....Continue Reading >>
In the centre of the country, Kuopio could be an advertisement for the travel wonders of Finland. Set among spruce forests and surrounded by sparkling lakes, Kuopio comes complete with ski-jumps, an orthodox church and the world’s largest smoke sauna. Combine that with fascinating local cuisine options and Kuopio offers a wondrous, single day sample of Finland at its finest.The best view of Kuopio ....Continue Reading >>
Perched on a hill and built in the mid-1950s in Eastern France, this asymmetric chapel is one of the world's modern architectural travel wonders. Designed by a guy named Le Corbusier, it features a wall with many irregular, different sized windows which provides an extraordinary lighting effect especially with the stained glass in the interior. The roof appears inspired by a crab shell and seems to ....Continue Reading >>
Driving between any two Australian towns or cities, you are likely to encounter an oversized and artificial roadside attraction. Typically built of fibreglass, plastic or metal, over 150 of these objects litter the highways and by-ways. Some are true works of art and important symbols of the well-being of a town. Others are built as the centerpiece of a commercial attraction while others are simply ....Continue Reading >>
With the Paralympics drawing to a close in Beijing and with the stunning displays of the opening and closing ceremonies still fresh in our mind, I have dug out a few old photos of my home town Sydney during the Olympic Games in 2000. The Opera House was bathed in different colored lights each evening while the Olympic rings adorned the iconic Harbour Bridge. A few more photos with different Opera House ....Continue Reading >>
This is the final installment of Rome's top ten travel sights, revealing the top three wonders. Read about the other travel wonders of Rome firstly.3. Sistine Chapel and the Vatican MuseumsPossibly the world’s finest museum, centuries of accumulated art and treasures by the popes are shown in an overwhelming and staggeringly rich collection spread through a labyrinth of more than fifty Vatican rooms ....Continue Reading >>
Part One of this posting discussed the first three travel wonders of Rome, this extraordinary city with over 3000 years of history. Here are the next four treasures in this eternal city.7. Piazza NavonaOne of Rome’s favourite gathering places (especially in the late afternoon), this town square teems with people enjoying overpriced coffee, watching gifted artists paint or simply sitting on the stone ....Continue Reading >>

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