Although a modern, busy and lively capital city, wandering the streets of Rome is akin to exploring a museum of travel wonders with 3,000 years of history. Around every corner, you’ll discover historic monuments, elegant architecture, art treasures, buzzing piazzas, superb food and timeless churches and palaces. Encapsulated within Rome, the Vatican is the home and soul of the Catholic Church. Walk ....Continue Reading >>
The hoary marmot, a species of ground squirrel, likes nothing more than to bask in the sun. You can't get more relaxed than the one pictured above! They are a photographer's dream as they don't seem to be afraid of humans, typically going about their business even when people are around. They live in the hills of Alaska, western Canada and the northern-west part of mainland USA. They make a trademark ....Continue Reading >>
The ancient medina in Fes (one of my African top ten) is an assault on all your senses. Narrow alleys in this walled area of the city connect souks producing and selling woodwork, leather goods and hand-made clothing, crafts and jewellery. The leather is cured and the wool and leather dyed in these huge ancient vats with various coloured potions in them. It is one of the eternal visions of this historic ....Continue Reading >>
Sitting back in a quiet German beer-garden on a warm summer’s afternoon sipping on a browny-crimson colored beer called rauchbier (smoky beer), I thought how I’d almost missed this most remarkable small urban travel wonder. After all, I wasn’t really planning to go to Bamberg – just another nice German town with lots of half-timbered buildings from what I’d read – when someone in a hotel ....Continue Reading >>
While riding on a bicycle, I quickly fumbled for a camera as I was caught by surprise. Two women emerged from a side road carrying huge mounds of dried grass carefully balanced on their heads. ....Continue Reading >>
The folks at Hasbro, the makers of Monopoly have announced the winners of their new 22 city International edition. This was done by a world-wide poll (over 5 million recorded votes) early in the year, where each person could select ten cities from an original list of 68. Two wildcard cities of Taipei and Gdynia (Poland) were selected outside of the original list and won the location of the cheapest ....Continue Reading >>
With a rich supply of blue-green algae, the UNESCO-listed travel wonder of Lake Nakuru plays host to immense quantities of flamingos, one of the greatest bird pageants on the planet. From afar at vista points such as Baboon Cliffs, the vast flamingo numbers give the rich saline soda lake an appearance of candy pink stripes.With the flamingos typically in the shallow shores of the lake, nothing beats ....Continue Reading >>
Where the Hell is Matt is a travel quasi-blog which has taken on a life of its own. In simple terms, Matt Harding has traveled the world recording a strange jig-like dance in front of some of the great travel wonders of the world. Indeed, there are recordings of Matt dancing in places as diverse as the Pyramids, Kuwait and Petra in the Middle East, Machu Picchu in the Americas and Iceland in northern ....Continue Reading >>
This photo is from central Iceland - a land left barren from regular volcanic eruptions. NASA thought it so resembled a moonscape that the Apollo 11 astronauts trained around here before their famous moon landing. At least there are signs to avoid being lost! Iceland is also a stunning country full of natural travel wonders such as waterfalls, glaciers, lakes and strange rock formations from the geological ....Continue Reading >>
It was a chilly February afternoon and the wonderful Bryce National Park was virtually devoid of people. But the late afternoon light left a fantastic contrast of the reds and oranges of these strange rock formations (called hoodoos) with the white snow. It was also the only chance in my life that I got to go snow-shoeing, a weird sensation like walking on giant tennis rackets. It is exhausting but ....Continue Reading >>

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